How To Fix ‘0xC0000142’ Application Error


Microsoft Windows is so popular that it doesn’t even need an introduction; all laptops and computers are running on it. Windows is the most popular operating system in the world of computers and laptops because of its incredible features and over-the-top optimization.

Application Error 0xc0000142 is a common occurrence for users. When you try to execute a software, you’ll encounter this error. This problem affects many fundamental Windows apps.

Damage to the library files required to open an app or a high-end game is the most common cause of Application Error 0xc0000142. However, we’re here to show you all of the different approaches you may take to permanently remedy this problem.


An Application Error: 8 Ways to Fix It 0xc0000142

Error Code 0xc0000142 can be fixed in a variety of ways, including:

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1. Repair a Corrupted Program

Repairing the faulty software is the first step in resolving this problem in Windows. A corrupted file in Windows is the root source of the problem, and deleting it is a simple and straightforward way to fix it.

As a result, the first step is to remove the corrupted files. The following are the steps you must take:-

Step 1: Click the Windows icon + R and type control panel in the box and press enter to open the Control Panel on your Windows computer. In the Programs and Features window, first click on the programme you wish to remove.

Step 2: Finally, choose the uninstall option.

If these approaches don’t fix Application Error 0xc0000142, then try the other options.

2. Using Compatibility Mode

Application error 0xc0000142 can sometimes be fixed by running several programmes in compatibility mode. When running an app or game in compatibility mode, it is more stable and free of bugs. The following are the steps you must take:-

Step 1: To begin, choose the file that is displaying the error code 0xc0000142. Properties and the compatibility tab should be clicked on first.

Step 2: Select Run this software in compatibility mode from the Compatibility Troubleshooter menu, and then click Run.

Step 3: To execute this programme as an administrator, select your operating system and check the box.

Step 4: Click on “apply” and “leave” to finish.

0xc0000142 application error can be repaired by following these instructions.

3. Update The Graphics Card Drivers

The next step in resolving the 0xc0000142 application problem is to make sure that your graphics card drivers are up to date and free of errors. You only need to update your graphics card’s drivers from the NVIDIA website to fix your issue.

This error may be resolved by updating the graphic card drivers, but if it doesn’t work, try the ways listed below to fix Application Error 0xc0000142.

4. The Net Framework

It’s possible that the problem 0xc0000142 is caused by an outdated version of C++, so the next step is to update your.NET framework and c++direct net.

Error 0xc0000142 can be fixed by downloading the newest versions of the Net Framework and DirectX. These modules can be downloaded from a variety of sources to fix Application Error 0xc0000142.

5. Alter the Registry 

Modifying the registry is the next way to fix error 0xc0000142. The error 0xc0000142 can occur if a software we’ve deleted isn’t completely removed from our system.

The only way to remedy this is to use the registry editor and delete the offending parts. You have to follow these steps:-

Step 1: To begin, click the Windows icon+R and type regedit into the search box. Go back to the current segment of vision and remove the portions that you no longer need.

Step 2: After making the modifications, exit Windows and restart your computer.

You may easily fix the error 0xc0000142 by following these steps.

6. DLL Files

As this problem can be caused by unsigned dll files, it’s preferable to download the dll files to fix this issue. The procedures to be followed are as follows:

Step 1: The first step is to get the dll files from an online source. Go to the location where you obtained these files and make a copy there.

Step 2: Go back to the app that was giving you the error 0xc0000142, and then copy the downloaded file and paste it into the application’s folder.

Step 3: You may quickly fix the Application Error 0xc0000142 by following these simple instructions.

7. Remove Programs You Don’t Know About

Uninstalling the unknown programmes from Windows is the next technique to fix the issue 0xc0000142. If you get the error 0xc0000142, it’s a good idea to remove any files you don’t recognise. The following are the steps you must take:-

Step 1: The first step is to use the Windows + X shortcut key and select uninstall a programme. This is the second phase, in which you’ll look for and then delete any unknown apps.

Step 2: If the issue 0xc0000142 is still present after deleting them, go return to the application and see if it has reappeared.

If the issue persists after following these procedures, proceed to the next step.

8. Modifying the LoadAppInit DLLs

Change the value of loadapplnit dlls in order to fix the error 0xc0000142. The following are the measures you must take to do this:-

Step 1: Press the Windows icon + R, type re-edit, and then click on the OK button.

Step 2: In the registry editor click on Windows and the double click on loadapplnit dlls option.

Once a dialogue has appeared, simply change the value from 1 to 0 and click OK to finish.The following these steps the error 0xc0000142 will get repaired.

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In order to fix error 0xc0000142 in Windows, you can follow these steps or approaches. It’s not tough, but you’ll need to have the patience to try each option until the problem is resolved.