‘’ Admin login, Username, Password and IP Admin login, Username, Password and IP

It is a private address that can be assigned to any device that is on a local network. Firstly, the router should be configured to use the particular IP address range. Few of the home broadband routers such as Belkin, D-link models have their default IP address fixed as

This IP address is useful if we need to block or access a device which uses this IP address with it. Usually, some routers use the IP address of as a default IP address. So if we want to make any changes in the router, then we need to access the router through this IP address only. Admin login, Username, Password and IP

Our routers which use different default IP address can have their address changed to Actually, it is a simple process that can be done easily.

The routers manufacturers may choose as the default IP address of that router if they believe that it is easier to remember when compared with other common alternatives. Almost all the standard private IP addresses are usually the same.

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If we want to login to the IP address, then we need to follow the simple steps. The procedure for simple step-by-step login to the IP address is given below:

Step 1 – Open the browser from any PC, tablet, smartphone, or from any web-connected device which is connected from our router.

Step 2 – Next, Type IP address into the address bar and press Enter. Our browser will now begin to generate a connection with our router. IP Admin Login

Step 3 – Once done, the page will ask for Our login credentials. Now we should Enter our username and password. Since every router comes along with a particular username and password, we need not worry about this. We will be able to see a mark on Our router or in the box that contains the login ID or the model number of Our router. We can then search on Google the default credentials by Our model number.

Step 4 – After entering in Our username and password as asked, we should open Our router’s settings window. Proceed with the configuration and changes that We want to do and save them before closing Our browser.

The default credentials to log in to this router are mostly set as “admin” or just no entries too. If We don’t use a D-link router, then we can try to enter any blank password or just use the “admin” key, as most of the routers are configured in a way by their default factory settings.

How to Change Router’ IP Address

When we use the sign in the router then, the network name will be set by default. If we want to change that to our desired name, then we must log in to our router. After that, we may have a way to change the settings. And also, if we want to change the default login credentials and also change the existing username and password.

In this case, we need to access the router’s settings page. In this, we may try to change the default IP address to a new one by logging in into the settings. To perform all these tasks, we need to gain access to the router panel, and for that, we need to log in using the address

How Do We Find Our Router’s IP Address

If we want to login to our login router, we need to know our router’s IP address. For that, first, we need to find out our router’s IP address before logging in. We can look into the box or the router to find the Same. We can also find it by using our device that we are logging from. When we are logging from a windows device, then we can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Click on the search bar and type in as “cmd” or the command prompt in the search box. Once opened, after selecting the Command Prompt.

Step 2 – When the new command window opens up then, type in as “ipconfig” and press on the Enter button. We will have a list of some network address. We can then find out our router’s IP Address next to the Default Gateway.

Find Our Router IP Address

How to Troubleshoot Router Issues Related to IP Address?

These IP address routers are mostly used in home and other smallest networks. People can easily confuse or mistype many IPs such as as or sometimes as The wrong IP address can lead to a lot of trouble while when we are logging in. So, it is essential to enter the correct IP address when we are trying to login to the new router. we may face some hardware related issues of the router.

In that case, we should make sure that the problem is rectified. We must ensure that the network is active, and the Ethernet line or the WiFi signal is connected. Finally, the IP address of gateway is a private IP address. It should be used in smaller networks and house only. Any computer can use this IP address if the local network supports that address in its own range.

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