Router Admin Login

The IP address refers to Internet Protocol which is a specific number connected with a particular network. The Internet Protocol on being connected to the Internet transmits information from the computer. The is also termed as the “Default gateway,” is available in users’ routers as well as modems. The Internet Protocol permits communication of various devices with each other running on several platforms on being connected to the Internet.

IPv6 and IPv4 are the two types of IP address having a different set of numbers on them. The IP address is divided into two parts host address and network address. IP address helps the computer or phone or any other device connected to the Internet.

By connecting to the internet, one can easily perform all internet-related activities. However, every internet network has a different IP address, for example, if we get connected to the Internet with our mobile phone at a different place, then we will be using another IP address.

All About the IP Address

Followed by a brief insight into what is an Internet Protocol(IP) router admin login is mostly used by eminent brands such as Asus, Linksys, and Monster Digital. Logging into your router gives the user access to manage the settings of the router. However, there are other IP addresses as well, like,,, and IP addresses belonging to private system c-class.

The c-class private system range, as the name suggests, is mostly used on private networks. Every network is provided with an IP address when it is connected with the user’s device, such as mobile phones or laptops. A router usually can be set up at home with the help of a technician, but if the user is aware of the setup, one can easily install the router themselves.

According to a survey router is one of the most used devices for internet connectivity. A router is provided with a default IP address, and one must sign in to make use of a router. After the signup is completed, the user can set the router username and secure it with a password. IP address allows the user to change its password as well as the username. A user must always secure its WIFI network with a strong password to avoid any kind of hacking.

Advantage of IP Address IP address provides several advantages to its user, and one of the greatest advantages is that it allows the flexibility of resetting the modem as and when required. It also allows configuration of security and installing of the firewall. Before availing of the advantages of, it is important that the user must have the knowledge of logging into the IP address.

How to Login

In order to login to router admin, one needs to comply with simple steps. By logging in, a user can easily make changes in the configuration and make updates if needed. Follow the steps given below:

Step 1: First, go to your browser. It can be Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, and type on the address bar and press enter. By entering the IP address, the user will be immediately directed to the admin panel. One must take note that it is typing the correct IP address.

Step 2: Second, the user must enter the correct username and password followed by the right IP address. In case of failure of reaching the site, then it is advisable to check the sections below.

Step 3: Finally, after entering all the necessary details press “Enter”. The user will finally have access to the interface management of the router. One can easily make changes regarding the configuration of the router from the displayed page.

I Can’t Connect to

The reasons concerning the failure of connection to the IP address are many. However, the following may be the reasons associated with the failure of connection to

1. First reason for connection failure may be internet connectivity. If the machine is connected to the WIFI, one must check that WIFI is working properly and the machine is connected to it.

2. For the customers using IP address, the name of the website is Router Brand. Once the website is displayed on the user’s screen, the user can easily find out the manufacturer of the system and model, make the entry of the user manual of the device. Followed by default IP addresses assigned to the router and also the username and password. In case the product has a different IP address, one can try their hand by using other addresses as well.

3. Also, if the user wants to detect the IP address of the product itself, it can easily do so by checking the webpage “Detect Router IP Address”. Once you have detected your IP address by making use of the webpage, the user can try logging in one more time by using the IP address detected.

4. The most common mistake made by many users is of entering the IP Address. One must enter the IP address correctly by taking note of its composition. An IP address consists of quantities rather than letters. Therefore it is important that the user is entering only dots and figures only.

These are some of the most common mistakes made by the user that causes a problem in connecting to

If You Forget Your Router Username or Password

If the user forgets its username or password, then, in that case, there are two solutions to it –

1. First, if the user has not changed or transformed the password of the router earlier, it can be easily done by logging in to the admin panel by making use of the default username and password that has been given. Even if the details are not available to the user, he or she can easily access it by going to the website “Router Brands” and then further selecting the option of manufacturer and model. Click on the option given, and the details of the user’s name and password will be displayed

2. The second case may be so when the user has changed its password before and is now unable to recall it. In that case, if the user is unable to log in even after making use of all the default username and passwords then the only option the user can opt for is to try resetting the router. To reset the router, the user must follow the given set of instructions:

Step 1: In the first step, try resetting the router by pushing the reset button present at the back of the router. The user must push the reset button for almost fifteen to twenty seconds. One can take the help of a toothpick or a needle to push.

Step 2: The router is back to its originals is indicated by the blinking of the lights again. After resetting, all the changes that were made earlier will return to basics. Resetting the router will also lead to disconnecting the internet services available. However, it is important that the user must contact the concerned supplier for all the necessary details. It is also advisable that if the user performing this task is not aware of how it takes place, it must take the help of the authority.

IP Address Router Reset Settings

In order to reset your router, one must take note of the following steps:

Step 1: First, switch on the router using an ethernet cable and immediately connect it to the computer.

Step 2: Next step is to go to a web browser and type on its screen with space as mentioned

Step 3: Third, fill in the router login details and the right password combination into the space provided.

Step 4: Thereafter, select the administration tab and then select the factory default sub-tab.

Step 5: In the final step, click on the button mentioning restore factory defaults available under the head factory defaults.

If the user fails to log in to the router then one must check again whether the address on the label and the address that has been entered are the same or not. One can also try going through a hostname like tplinkwifi.net or tplinklogin.net if available.


However, if one still faces the problem of troubleshooting and is unable to connect to the admin page, then take note of your internet connectivity. If one is using a wireless network, check the connectivity, but if one is using a wired network, make sure that the cables are in their proper place and order. Also, switch off and on your router if the connectivity problem still prevails.

Also, the user might not be able to always use their phone to have the access to the settings function to make changes any, if needed since some of the IP addresses are private and cannot be accessed via mobile phones. Here we come to the end of our guide. We hope that we could solve all your queries and help you to the best of our abilities. Thank you for your cooperation.