Admin login, Username, Password and IP Admin login, Username, Password and IP

WiFi routers have undoubtedly become a livelihood necessity. Hence, it’s also important to know what a default router IP login means. is the default login IP for wireless routers and modems. Upon typing this IP address in the browser, one can access the admin interface of their router. It would help in intricately controlling various features of the router, which is why it’s mostly done. Generally, companies like SonicWALL and Luxuluse the IP.

Indeed, it is the default login IP but is not the only one in existence. Several other IPs such as,, or are also used to access the control panel of your Wi-Fi routers. Very often, this standard IP is also referred to as a Default Gateway IP. Admin login, Username, Password and IP

Unlike other IPs, you won’t come in contact with the very often. Usually, that will happen when the technician conducts the setup process of the modem or router. As a result, most people have no clue about their router’s IP. Alternatively, you might want to change your Wi-Fi network’s name (also known as SSID), the parental controls, or the WiFi password.

In these cases, you will require the IP to login to your router’s admin interface. Following that, you will gain access to the navigation panel. It is where you can oversee statistics, manage data traffic, as well as configure your router settings. IP Admin Login

It should be noted that accessing the login page for is quite a simple task.

Step 1 – Type in on your browser’s address bar. Following that, you will visit the login page of your router, where you can access the admin panel. IP Admin Login

Step 2 – Now we should Enter our username and password.

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How to Reset the Password of IP and Router?

Using a WiFi router is not a hands-on task. Nonetheless, it’s important to know what to do when a problem arises. Generally, the most common one is resetting the password for the IP. All you have to do is reset your router. In order to do this, simply click on its reset button, located at the back or bottom. Holding down this button for almost 20 seconds (you might need a toothpick or pin), will allow your router to restore to its factory settings.

Reset Router and IP Address Password and Username

Furthermore, there are a few things you must remember while resetting. When you reset the router, the online connection will be lost. Hence, it is advisable to use an expert’s help to conduct this step. Unlike other router-related issues, this might appear simple, but without adequate knowledge, you might end up with a faulty router. Thus, seeking the expertise of someone knowledgeable in this regard would be wise.


Now, you are well-equipped about what IP is all about, where to find it, and how to reset it as well. Handling your router’s features never got so easier!