‘’ Admin login, Username, Password and IP Admin login, Username, Password and IP

First of all, is a private IP address registered by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). Undoubtedly, this address is a part of a private network with the same designation. is a non-unique and not a company-specific address. So, it can be applied to different local networks. Admin login, Username, Password and IP

How to Find Your IP Address Using Windows, Mac, Android and CD

The following steps will help you find and log in to your IP address. However, ensure your router is properly connected to any device (which is internet accessible). This connection can be wired or wireless. The different procedure would be followed for different platform users.

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For the Windows Users

Step 1: Go to the dialogue box “Run” and type in “cmd” to open the command prompt.

Step 2: Type “ipconfig” inside the command prompt. It shows the list of devices connected and also, your private IP address as IPv4.

For the Mac Users (Apple)

Step 1: Go to ‘Systems preferences’ on the menu.

Step 2: Click on ‘Network’ Icon & select ‘Advanced Options’.

step 3: You will find the ‘TCP/IP’ tab which provides IP address.

For the Android

Step 1: Search for “Gateway” and you will your IP address there.

Step 2: For android users, install a third-party app, and follow the above step.


In case a user changes router’ IP address, you can log in through the below steps:

  1. By launching a special set-up CD.
  2. By using a web interface.

If the user doesn’t remember the changes made to the IP address, then reset the router and continue with the default configuration. Now, follow the further steps: IP Admin login

Step 1: Type the address “” in the address bar of your browser. IP Admin login

Step 2: Go to Login Page and enter your credentials.

Step 3: Now, you can access your web interface.

Step 4: You will be able to adjust several options with it.

Ex: WLAN settings, Security options, proxy, etc.

What To Do If You Forget Username and Password?

Following methods will help you resolve this issue in

Search for the information on the router’s label. Look for the default username, otherwise, contact your internet service provider.


Press the router’s “Hidden Reset” button with the help of a needle/safety pin. This will reset the settings.


Do a simple web search to find the credentials. Otherwise, do hit and trial method. Ex: The most commonly used username and password is “admin”.


Reset the router using a web-based setup page.

So, you can get the credentials by the above methods and can access the router’s admin panel.

How to Troubleshoot the Router’s Errors?

To set up the router for the first time, one needs to access its “admin console”. Errors in routers arise when you are unable to login to your router. The reasons can be many. Few of the most prominent among them are as follows:

Q 1. Cable Connection Issue.

Always, ensure that your Ethernet cable is properly connected.

Q 2. Go through the router’s User-Manual.

Make sure you don’t lose your user’s manual. It is essential to go through it whenever an issue arises.

Q 3. Incorrect router’s IP address.

Always enter the correct IP address in the URL. If you are still unsure about it, refer back to all the above steps.

Q 4. How to Set Up the Router

Step 1 – In case, there is still no internet connection, reset the router.

Step 2 –  But this wipes out all the configuration settings previously made. So, it’s better to keep the backup of the changes made.

Step 3 –  Otherwise, just call the internet service provider.

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Lastly, when you have reached the end of the article, it means you are successful in logging in to your router’s web interface. I believe that you have found this article helpful. This article comes in handy, whenever you face such issues with the router. Have a good day.