5 Top Sony PlayStation Games

5 Top Sony PlayStation Games

The longest-running console in history, in terms of time on the market, has been available for more than two years. Additionally, celebrate, as it is now somewhat less difficult to acquire a PS5. The PlayStation 5 also features some of the top games and exclusives of any console.

Sony has a typically diverse little collection of them already, each making use of the PS5’s huge power boost and an innovative new controller in some way, unlike Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, which launched without any first-party games and continues to push Xbox Game Pass and studio acquisitions as its biggest draw.

You’ll have plenty to do if you’re lucky enough to have a new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One S under your TV, as both consoles can improve the visuals and performance of older games.

5 Top Sony PlayStation Games

Since the release of the PS5, we have been putting it through its paces, and we have compiled a list of the games we think you should be playing first.

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Here are the 5 Top Sony PlayStation Games

The best PlayStation 5 games, in no particular order, are listed below.

1.) Astro’s Playroom

Astro’s Playroom is one of the best PS5 games because it showcases the system’s new DualSense controller, which is far more intriguing than the PS5’s improved graphics and processing speed.

The game is a delightful but very simple 3D platformer, but with the addition of the DualSense’s features, it becomes something truly special. You can feel the robot’s thumping feet and the splash of water as he dives into the depths of the ocean all thanks to the haptics.

At the meantime, the new adaptive triggers tighten when Astro finds a bow and arrow and completely lock when he runs out of cash to play the crane game in the central hub. Many of the fantastic ideas presented here will be stolen by developers of future PS5 titles.

On top of all that, we won’t disclose the many hidden references and easter eggs to PlayStation’s 25-year history that are scattered throughout Astro’s Playroom.

Our five hours with the game were among the most enjoyable we’ve spent with any game this year, and since it costs nothing and is already installed on every PS5 system, we have no qualms recommending it to you.

2.) Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Although it is the holiday season in New York City, the city’s newest web-headed crimefighter has no time for ice skating or fruitless shopping expeditions. Obviously, there’s been some villainous activity, and now that Peter Parker has left town, it’s up to Miles and his new costume to put a stop to it.

If you enjoyed the excellent Spider-Man game released in 2018, you will feel right at home here. Miles Morales is more of a generous expansion than a brand new game, but its 10-hour campaign trims a lot of the fat from its predecessor, while adding more variety to missions and some excellent new characters. And two years later, swinging is just as much fun as it was before.

With its enhanced draw distance, razor-sharp 4K graphics, and amazing ray-traced reflections, Miles Morales is also a technological showcase for your new console. Really, who needs Pete?

3.) Demon’s Souls

We have a confession to make: in Demon’s Souls, the revamped version of the PS3 cult classic that inspired the Dark Souls games, we have yet to defeat the game’s first boss.

While the game’s visual performance has been completely overhauled with modern technology, running in 4K at a buttery smooth 60fps on PS5, the notoriously difficult gameplay for which the Souls games are known has been preserved; in fact, some series veterans have even claimed that Demon’s Souls is the most punishing of the series.

And with the brilliantly rebuilt realm of Boletaria leveraging the PS5’s capabilities in what is easily one of the best-looking games ever developed, there’s no better time to get digging in and show those needlessly big creatures who’s boss. That’s what we plan to accomplish, too.

4.) DeathLoop

In 2021, time loop games were extremely popular, but our minds kept returning to Deathloop. Blackreef is a hidden island where the occupants are as hedonistic and violent as one might anticipate because they are trapped in an endless loop of the same 24 hours. It’s up to you, as Colt Vahn, to figure out how to end the endless cycle.

If you’re familiar with Arkane’s past games like Prey or the brilliant Dishonored series, you know that they emphasise player agency in first-person combat.

More than any of the studio’s other games, Deathloop truly embraces every method, and the result is a wonderfully enjoyable playground of carnage. You may play it with high chaos, highly stealthy, or a good blend of both.

Colt’s sworn enemy Julianna is always lurking in the shadows, ready to spring into action at any moment.

Online, she can be commanded by a human player, making for intense and humorous battles that set your Deathloop experience apart from anybody else’s. Offline, she’s controlled by an artificial intelligence.

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5.) SackBoy’s Big Adventure

Sony never really committed to making Sackboy the PlayStation mascot, but it didn’t stop them from putting their name on his debut 3D platformer.

In contrast to the LittleBigPlanet games, where our hessian hero first gained notoriety, you won’t be responsible for creating the levels yourself. Sumo Digital has painstakingly developed a very classic platformer in Sackboy’s Big Adventure.

Sackboy’s anthropomorphic sack must stop the villainous Vex (awesomely voiced by Richard E.Grant) from spreading devastation on Craftworld, Sackboy’s home.

While the game’s early levels are fairly mild and a little simplistic, likely to entice the younger target audience, things grow a lot more fascinating as you go, with some of the best usage of music since Rayman Legends and innumerable collectibles for completionists to seek down.