How To Fix ‘Audio Renderer Error’ Please Restart Your Computer


Sometimes when trying to view a YouTube video, certain Windows users are seeing the error message “Sound renderer issue, please restart your computer”. Chrome, Opera, Edge, and Mozilla Firefox aren’t the only ones affected; the problem occurs across a wide range of Windows browsers.

Other customers have reported that the problem occurs when they pay for iTunes or use the built-in sound player. It is a condition that affects many Windows users.

We’ll look at what’s causing the problem and how to fix it in today’s article. So, let’s begin by identifying and addressing the root causes of the problem.


Audio Renderer Error: What Is The Cause?

The “audio renderer error?” is causing a lot of headaches for folks. So today, we’re going to show you how to get out of this situation. As a result, keep reading articles to find the answer.

Several motherboards have been plagued by the same problem in the sound driver. The following remedies are available to those who are experiencing this issue.

ASIO drivers collide with Windows Sound drivers – This problem occurs when the user has both the Windows Sound driver and the ASIO driver installed. The Windows sound driver and ASIO drivers have different sound frequencies. In this case, synchronising the two frequencies is the best course of action.

Defective BIOS update on Dell PCs is usually the source of the problem. As a result of Dell’s fix, To fix this problem, make sure you have the most recent version of your BIOS installed.

Now that we’ve identified every potential root cause, we can move on to figuring out how to address them. Some of the solutions you come across are simple fixes that don’t necessitate making any changes to your PC. Let’s now discuss the many ways in which we can fix the problem.

You can fix the “Audio renderer error” using the following ways. Your machine has to be restarted.”

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1. Unplug/Plug Your Headphones 

As ridiculous as this solution may sound, a large number of people have reported that unplugging and re-plugging their headphones fixed the problem. Both jack earphones and USB are supported, as well as the physical cord.

When trying to watch a video on YouTube and getting an error message, disconnect your headphones and replug them. The problem can be remedied with just one more simple step like this.

Keep reminding yourself that this is only a short-term fix. However, if the “Sound render error.” occurs when you do something different with this issue. Repeatedly, you’ll encounter the message “Please restart your computer.”

This is a simple way to get started. You may fix the problem this way without making any alterations to the PC. For long-term solutions, check out the options listed below. This is a short-term treatment.

2. Reboot Your Computer

To fix the “Sound renderer issue,” rebooting your computer is suggested by the error notice.

Error: Please restart your computer In any case, as with Method 1, the majority of those who have experienced this problem say that it is only a short-term fix. The error message reappeared after 20-30 seconds of sound playback for a few users.

If you don’t alter anything on your computer, this procedure will fix the problem. You can attempt this way if you’re having this problem and Method 1 hasn’t helped. And then restart your computer to see if the problem has been resolved.

If the error notice reappears or if you’re looking for a different way to fix the problem. As a result, you can use technique 3 to solve this issue.

3. Running the Audio Troubleshooter 

Another way to repair the error “Sound renderer error.” is to use this approach. You can use the audio troubleshooter to correct the basic fault and then restart your computer.

This issue can be resolved with the aid of a troubleshooter. There are numerous fixed systems in this facility that can be used to address the problem in various ways. It’s possible that Microsoft is aware of the problem if the error was triggered by a generic problem.

You can fix the error once and for all by employing the troubleshoot feature. To fix the “sound renderer problem,” follow the instructions listed below. Computer: “Can you please restart our computer?”

Step 1: To begin, open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R. Afterwards, type “ms settings: troubleshoot” in the search bar. It’s time to go to work on the troubleshooting section of the Settings app.

Step 2: Finally, in the troubleshooting tab, look at how things are getting started. Click on the playing audio and then select Run Troubleshoot from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Remain patient till the diagnostics have been completed. Click on the next button to select the device from which you are experiencing a problem. Wait a few seconds before moving on to the next step. That recommendation will be displayed to you after that.

Step 4: Take the advice and click yes. Afterward, restart your computer and see if the problem has been fixed.

The computer has a built-in service called Troubleshoot. You may simply troubleshoot by following the procedures listed above. “Sound renderer error” can still occur if this is the case. Your machine has to be restarted.” Then use the strategies listed below.

4. Remove and Reinstall the Audio Driver 

A few customers have reported that they were able to fix the problem without having to restart their PC or perform the troubleshoot. It’s possible that deactivating and re-enabling each audio driver in your device for a few seconds would fix the problem.

To resolve this issue, please follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1: To begin, open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R.

Step 2: Next, open Device Manager by typing “devmgmt.msc” and pressing Enter. Expand the Sound, video, and gaming controller menu in the Device Manager.

Step 3: At this stage, disable each audio driver by clicking the right button and selecting the disable device. When all audio drivers under Sound, video, and game controller have been disabled, wait a few seconds, and then reenable them by clicking the right side and selecting the enable device.

“Audio Renderer Error” message should be displayed again. You’ll need to restart your computer for this to work properly. And there you have it. All of the aforementioned approaches have failed to resolve your issue. After that, try some other approaches.

 5. Reverting to a Previous Version 

There’s one more simple way to fix the “Sound renderer problem. Please restart your computer.” Because of a software bug, reverting to an earlier audio driver will solve the problem. After uninstalling and reinstalling the sound driver in Windows, this should be done as a last resort.

This is how you can revert back to the previous version of your audio driver:

Step 1: To begin, open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R. You may then press Enter to enter Device Manager by typing “device manager.msc” and pressing Enter. It’s time to double tap your audio adaptor in the drop-down menu in step.

Step 2: Go to the Driver tab in your audio adapter’s properties and select Roll Back Driver in Step.  Uninstall the device if you don’t see this option in the list. Restart your computer at this point.

Step 3: Windows will automatically reinstall the most recent version of your audio adapter if you elect to delete the audio driver.

Restart the application and see if the problem persists. You may want to restart your computer to see whether the problem has been fixed. If this method fails to resolve the problem, move on to the next.

6. Setting the Windows Sound Driver and ASIO Driver to Use the Same Sample Rate

You’re presumably managing a connection between the Windows Sound system and the ASIO driver if you’re only seeing this error when Cubase is open at the moment.

In a nutshell, these are the actions to take:

Step 1: To begin, open the Run dialogue box by pressing Windows key + R. When you go to the Sound Settings menu, enter in “mmsys.cpl” and press Enter.

Step 2: Go to the Playback tab in the Sound menu, pick the problematic audio device, and then tap on Configure.To access the audio device’s properties menu, click the “Advance” button.

You can change the Default Format to 16 bit, 44100, or any other standard format you choose on the Advanced tab of your audio device’s Properties screen. Then, click Apply to save your current configuration.

Then, open the Audio tab on your ASIO driver settings. Change the sample rate to the Audio Format you selected in step 3 when you open the tab.

Step 3: Restart your computer to see if the problem has been resolved.

7. Update the BIOS (only Confirmed On Dell computers)

After updating their BIOS firmware, a few DELL PC users have reported that the issue has been resolved to their satisfaction. We’ve only been able to test this procedure on Dell PCs, but it may be applicable to other PCs.

Let us know if you figure out how to use this method to find the error in an other design in the comments below. If you don’t follow the instructions to the letter, the process involved in updating your BIOS firmware may not be a good idea for your PC. In order to progress, you’ll have to take the risk yourself.

As soon as you are at ease with the interaction, follow the specific instructions (here) to create a BIOS installation CD and upgrade your BIOS to the most recent edition.

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There are seven ways to fix the “Audio renderer problem” mentioned in the article. Your machine has to be restarted.” In this essay, the author explains some of the most basic and straightforward techniques. By spending a little time correcting the error, you’ll be able to use the approaches.

The approaches do not alter the computer in any way. Without making any alterations, the issue can be resolved quickly. Temporary fixes and long-term fixes are both possible.