10 Best Free Benchmark Software for PC

Best Free Benchmark Software for PC

Every computer comes with different specifications and has a different caliber of doing things. Every CPU has different RAM, GPU, Clock speed, and HDD or SDD. All PC need to be clocked in different ways according to its use and work environment. Whether it’s an old PC or a new one, it needs to be checked by benchmarking. Most PCs are used for gaming, and all are of the generally higher benchmark. For this, there are many benchmark software are available for free.

Benchmarking Software are very efficient in checking the usage, performance, calibre, and overall rating of PC. Benchmark software also helps the client to know what hardware he/she has to change to upgrade the performance of the PC. Generally, parts with the lower benchmark is a sign that it needs to be upgraded.

11 Best Benchmark Software in 2020

These tools can be installed and utilized by anyone who wants to see their PC performance.

1. CPU-Z

CPU-Z is a freeware system monitoring tool available for Microsoft Windows (Android too) that detects the CPU, RAM, motherboard, GPU, and all other chipsets of the system. CPU-Z is the best software that gives benchmarking for the framework.

Also, it will suggest which peripheral needs to be upgraded or updated and which hardware is suitable for the PC. It also has access to the CPU temperature, fan speed, and voltages. Best fitting with memory speed, type, and giving you all the facilities a benchmarking tool should have it’s a five-star tool for modern PC.

2. Speccy

The freeware utility built by Piriform runs on Microsoft Windows. Speccy gives all the information on users computers, which include its hardware, and The information includes CPU type, RAM details, GPU, HDD or SSD details, Memory type, fan speed, and all other gigs.

Started in 2009 it was the cleanest of them all, meaning the UI was simple for many beginners. All the system outputs can be executed in the form of an XML command. That’s all the feature it gives, but it’s the right choice if one likes a simple control panel.

3. Novabench

Another wonderful freeware utility which test the system rapidly. Available on Microsoft Windows and MacOSX. It gives a particular proprietary score after analyzing all the hardware details then it shows all the details of the subtleties.

These also include an online database in which scores can be compared and checked with other users. The basic drawback of the app is that it doesn’t give results when performing the graphic test with AMD SLI processors. It only scans system drives; also, Windows XP is no longer supported; only seven and ups are supported.

4. PCMark 10

Developed by UL PCMark is another free utility available for Windows OS. PCMark produces a score with higher numbers indicating better performance. Several versions of PCMark have been Scores cannot be compared across versions since each includes different tests. PCMark 10 is best for office computers, which heavily runs.

5. SiSoftware

SiSoftware is yet another freeware which uniquely tests system memory transfer capacity with PC overall side by side. It is the creator company of computer analysis, diagnostic, and benchmarking software. SiSoftware gives an in-depth knowledge of the speed and power of the PC. The software then gives regular updates and regular checks for the system.

SiSoftware tool contains an online database of scores which tells the user the overall PC performance and what all tweaks can be made in that. One can get data about the CPU, ports, chipset, memory, sound card, printers, etc. Clients who keep their PC always in great condition and performance this software fits for them.

6. RealBench

RealBench is a fantastic tool developed by ASUS ROG. It uses real, open-source applications to test your PC as it would perform in RL. Although it can be competitive, it’s not primarily designed to be more hardcore and time-consuming.

RealBench also includes video encoding and rendering with some heavy multitasking. It doesn’t give the load to CPU when testing and analyzing. The examination is done based upon the type and subtypes of all the CPU parts later on, which gives the appropriate rank of the system and further, which can be sent to an online database.

7. Fraps

Are you someone who loves to play PC games, then benchmark software is just made for you. Fraps enable the client to test the GPU and RAM, and with these tells the number of fps it will deliver. Fraps support only Microsoft Windows.

Fraps records video at a high resolution if the computer is sufficiently powerful. Fraps quite feature generous and will suit the needs of almost every user. It can also capture screen with full quality. No doubt that if the system has some heavy usage, the software is a fabulous one.

8. FutureMark 3D Mark

FutureMark 3D Mark is the latest and most innovative software for PC benchmarking available in the market. It is directly equipped with DirectX 12, which is the root of giving it true and unrealistic power to score PC overall thinking of best outcomes of the result than this tool is unreasonably great. FutureMark 3D Mark has also been compared to other freeware available. Currently, it supports Microsoft Windows and is available to download as demo version from Steam.

9. CineBench

Last but not least, CineBench has a great capability of testing multicore CPUs. The program targets a certain niche and is better suited for high-end desktop and workstation platforms. CineBench is utilized for 3D and 4D multimedia creations in studios. The more the score it gives more the CPU has the caliber of doing things.

The Verdict

Benchmarking has become the ultimate use for Gamers and industries. It perfectly tells what tweaks have to be done on the system to make it run smoothly. There is a huge number of benchmark software available online, but these were the best and foremost benchmarking tools available in the market for a home as well as industry and office use. May this help you in selecting the best and hope you love this content in benchmarking.