7 Best ‘Discord Music Bots’ You Can Use

As you may be aware, Discord is a large gaming platform that not only allows you to play games but also allows you to talk with other players. There is no other platform in the industry that combines a chatting service with a game component.

The most important and useful element of Discord is that it includes Discord bots, which aid in a variety of tasks. The discord server has many different types of bots, but the greatest are the music bots. It will not only bring an intriguing function to it.

But it will also allow users to listen to their favourite music while conversing with others. This post is for you if you are currently using Discord music bots or are looking for the best music bots.

You Can Use These 7 Discord Music Bots

This article is only for you if you’re seeking for Discord Music bots. You should start reading this post from the beginning if you want to learn more. Take a look at the 7 Best Discord Music Bots for playing games or chatting with your pals on the Discord server platform:

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1. Fredboat

Fredboat is one of the best and most popular music bots among users. It’s a pretty capable music bot.

The nicest part of Fredboat is that it works with a variety of different websites. It can play music from several sources such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, direct connections, Twitch, and others.

Another advantage of using this music bot is that you can create a playlist of your favourite songs and listen to them at any time. Additionally, you can listen to high-quality music on this platform without experiencing any quality loss.

Another useful aspect of this music bot is that it has a search function, so instead of copying and pasting the URL from YouTube or other platforms, you can simply search the titles of the songs you want to listen to.

2. ChillBot

If you enjoy Lo-Fi music, this music bot is perfect for you. Chillbot will give you with Lo-Fi music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without fail. This bot is really simple to use and control.

It’s essentially a live streaming radio station, which means you won’t be able to listen to your own playlist. However, you will receive the authentic atmosphere of a real radio station here, which you will undoubtedly love.

3. Octave

You can use it as another great discord music bot. If you enjoy listening to music with excellent sound quality, this bot is for you. It will not only add music to your server, but also the enjoyment that you seek.

This music bot also has the capability of searching for music and producing playlists. Not only that, but it also has Spotify integration built-in, allowing you to import your Spotify playlist and listen to all of the songs there.

Another useful feature of Octave is the ability to vote on songs, and if a song is hated by the majority of users, it can be skipped. You can utilise and experiment with a variety of various customizations while using this music bot.

4. ErisBot

Erisbot is a strong music bot that is also incredibly simple to operate. The most unique aspect of this bot is that you may create and utilise your own own command prefixes.

The majority of other music bots lacked this feature. All users of this music bot should be aware that it may fail to read YouTube URLs and begin playing the video in some situations, so you should handle it according to your preferences.

5. Tony Bamanaboni XD 

Tony Bamanaboni XD is another excellent Discord music bot. As you can see, the name is difficult to pronounce, but the music bot is incredibly cool and simple to operate.

It offers a variety of useful capabilities, including the ability to play/pause music for you, search for music, queue music, make your own auto-playlists, and more.

It also has various options that allow you to alter the output of the music you’re listening to by altering the bass boost, pitch, and tempo, among other things.

6. Zandercraft

It is well-known and well-liked by the majority of consumers due to its efficiency. You can listen to songs in extra HD and very high-resolution. It is the greatest music bot for you if you enjoy listening to songs with excellent sound quality. It only has hi-fi music.

7. ProBot

This music bot is identical to the Zandercraft described earlier. You will be able to effortlessly manage your discord server on your own with the help of Probot.

While chatting with your pals, it will assist you in streaming high-quality music to your server. You may effortlessly play music, pause it, and create your own playlist right here.

It’s a powerful bot that will only allow you to listen to music with your buddies. Also, if you are the one who deals with a large number of individuals on the server, Probot will assist you with moderation.

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To learn everything about music bots, you should read the entire article above. Above are the top 7 discord music bots that you can use when chatting with your friends on the discord server.