Centurylink Router Login, IP Address, Username and Password

Centurylink Router Login, IP Address, Username and Password

Centurylink Router Login: Internet is indispensable in today’s life, the 24×7 connectivity is very much a necessity as everything and anything can be done via the internet. We are living in the digital era. So, the connection is of vital importance. We all have smartphones for professional and business setup. A PC or a laptop holds major importance, here is the reason for the need of Router. The CenturyLink Router is the web-based control panel for your router with all necessary settings are stored and changed.

Centurylink Router Login, IP Address, Username and Password

Requisites to Access the CenturyLink Web Interface

The requirements to access the interface of this router is very simple and easy

  • A web browser, which is already in everyone’s PC using the internet.
  • CenturyLink router.
  • Access to the network either through WiFi or LAN cable

How to Login to Centurylink Router

Let us look at the steps to connect to the router’s interface for configuration:

Step 1: To start we must be connected to the network either via WiFi or Ethernet cable so, we are able to go to the setup pages of your router. In case the WiFi password is not available, then Ethernet cable is viable as it requires no password.

Step 2: Open your browser and type the router’s IP address as it is the common IP address of this router in the address field. If the above IP address doesn’t work, then we can search for the default IP address list of the router.

Centurylink Router Login -

Step 3: Enter the username and password in the username and password field and then sign in.

You can also find the login credentials on the label mentioned on the back of your router. Once done, you can now configure anything on your device.

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How to Configure Your CenturyLink Router

After you logged in to the admin interface, you can change any settings as per your requirement, but make sure to write down your current setting before any changes are initiated so you can revert in case of trouble. Make sure you don’t break the network when you configure your router.

What If the CenturyLink Router or Network Stops Working After A Configuration Change?

In case configuration changes made causes trouble in your router or network to the zerk, you can always go back by setting the generic 30 30 30 hard reset trick.

This comes as a last resort and if you have access to the routers’ interface you can log in revert the settings anytime provided that the original value has penned down.