How To Fix ‘CompatTelRunner.exe’ High CPU and Disk Usage


Microsoft supplies CompatTelRunner.exe as part of its services. Upgrades to the operating system or additional Service Packs can be performed using this tool.

Its primary purpose is to verify the software’s compatibility. Updates can be found and downloaded from here for the Windows operating system and its apps.

It consumes a lot of storage space. In the Task Manager, CPU and Disk Usage are used by the files that show up in the Task Manager. This is why it is imperative that this issue be resolved.

CompatTelRunner.exe Error

Take a look.


 1. Windows 10 CPU and Disk Usage

Step 1: To begin, enter the Start menu and log in as an administrator. On a computer, you can either click the Windows icon in your taskbar or hit Windows + W on your keyboard.

Step 2: Type compattelrunner.exe into the search box. Right-click on the file compattelrunner instead of opening it. Afterward, a drop-down menu will be displayed. Alternatively, you can use the Windows Key + R keyboard shortcut to open a certain file.

Step 3: Follow this with a ‘c’: C: WindowsSystem32. Type CompatTelRunner.exe into the search field at the top-right of the screen. It’s time to right-click on the CompatTelRunner.exe in the folder. Select Properties from the drop-down menu.

Using the drop-down menu. A window appears on the display. Select the Advanced button on the Security tab.

Step 4: Click on the Owner tab and select Change owner after the window has opened. New owners will be listed in this section. Once you’ve selected the account you’re using, click Apply.

Step 5: A warning will pop up if you try to change the ownership. So, close any open Properties windows you may have. Modify the access rights. Open Properties by right-clicking the Compattelrunner.exe file. Go to the Security tab and pick Permissions from the Advanced option.

To access your account, click on the one you’re now using. Select Full Control from the pop-up menu that displays, and then click the Apply button.

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2. Task Scheduler 

Step 1: The first step is to press R and hold down the Windows key. Enter taskschd.msc, and then press Enter. Thirdly, open the Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Application Experience in Task Scheduler Library.

Step 2: Finally, disable the Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser by right-clicking on any of the tasks listed.

The file can be safely deleted by following these procedures. It won’t take long before everything on the computer is running like clockwork.

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The procedures listed above are simple to implement, and the user will no longer experience PC slowdowns as a result of them.