Discord Text Formatting: Bold, Color, Italic, Strikethrough


There are a variety of ways to communicate with friends or a group of people using Discord. It’s free, and it’s web-based. Not only can you use Discord to talk with your pals, but you can also use it to play video games. If you play games on a PC, this app will be most useful.

If the user prefers to use it discreetly, they can do so. We can highlight our writing in Discord to make it stand out. This page explains Discord’s formatting engine, commands, and code block.


Markdown was created by John Gruber in 2004, and it has been used ever since. Text layout that adds variation to our writing. Using this helps us to write more quickly without the need to use a formatting toolbar.

Markdown’s easy formatting mechanism allows us to rapidly add bold and italic to our text. Our text was formatted using Markdown in the background


Discord Text Formatting: Style

We have four separate writing styles to help us stand out in the crowd of content creators. This category includes bold, italic, strikethrough, and underlined text. Use these to highlight specific phrases or terms inside an article.

To make text bold, you’ll need to use two asterisks (**) at the beginning and end of the sentence. To get this symbol, select the text and press “Ctrl+B” or the “8” key. The word “**Good Day**” will appear if you enter it in.

At the beginning and conclusion of each sentence, we must use an asterisk or an underscore ( ). Only once the message has been sent will this format be displayed. “Good Day” is the outcome of, for example, “*Good Day*” or “_Good Day_.”

Three asterisks (***) at the beginning and end of a piece of text can be used to make it bold or italicised. Good Day is the consequence of “***Good Day***”.

If you want to utilise strikethrough text formatting, you have to start and end each phrase with two tildes (). Using this tool, the text can be removed. Using “Good Day” as an example, you will get “Good Day.”

Use two underscores (__) at the beginning and end of each sentence to draw attention to the text. It is possible to underline text in Discord in addition to using bold and italics. “Good Day_,” for instance, will produce “Good Day.”

Computer Code Blocks

Code Blocks and Markdown are words that are occasionally used interchangeably. To begin, you may make a difference in how text appears in a Discord chat window by adjusting the backdrop colour and formatting of the text.

A backtick (‘) must appear at the start and end of each line of code in a single-line block.

“Hope for the best” is one example of this.

Backticks in threes “In Discord, ‘) are all that is required to indicate the start and end of a multi-line code block.

Have faith in a better outcome “is a case in point.

Be prepared for the worst, as well.”

Including Colors in Your Work

Discord does not have a built-in colour option. Nevertheless, if we want to add colour to the text, we must use the platform’s coding skills.

Each colour has its own unique identity. At use this code, add three backticks (“‘”) to the beginning and end of the text. It will be particularly useful to those who use computers.

Red text in Discord requires the use of the “diff” keyword. In order to separate the text that contains the keyword “diff,” use a hyphen (-). In the case of, for example,


the text is coloured in red


The following areas will have red text:

What Is Discord’s ‘Orange Text’? It is necessary to use the “css” keyword to turn the text orange. In addition to the keyword, we need to use square brackets [] on both sides of the text.

In the case of, for example,


The text in [orange] colour stands for


At some point in the not-too-distant future,

There’s no need for more than one keyword in Discord, and it’s called “fix.”

In the case of, for example,


Yellow text on a white background.


To continue, see the text in yellow.

Using the “JSON” keyword, we can change the colour of Discord text to cyan. The use of quotation marks “A () at the beginning and end of a statement is also necessary.

In the case of, for example,


Text in an eye-catching cyan hue.


There will be “cyan text.”

In Discord, we can change the colour of the text by using the “ini” keyword. Square brackets [] need to be added on both sides of the text.

In the case of, for example,


Currently, [blue text] exists.


There will be a “[blue text]”

Highlighting Text Using Color – A Beginner’s Guide A keyword can be used to showcase our content in a variety of ways.

This term is referred to as “tex”. To easily color-code the text, all you have to do is place a dollar symbol ($) at the beginning of the text and then follow the preceding instructions. For example,


Highlighting your text adds colour to it.


Discord is becoming increasingly popular. Using it is simple because it’s free and straightforward to use. To make the text easier to read, these alterations must be made.