Epson Error Code 0x97

Epson Error Code 0x97

Epson printers are designed to be transparent when they have problems. Most Epson printers will provide an error code rather than just sitting there doing nothing while your irritation mounts.

The purpose of this error code (which normally appears as a popup on the LCD screen of the printer) is to provide specific information about the nature of the problem and the steps necessary to resolve it. Yet the error code is useless unless its meaning is understood.

Explaining the Epson Error Code 0x97 and Its Implications

Epson Error Code 0x97 is, as previously said, a frequently occurring error in Epson printers. When an internal hardware error occurs in the printer, Epson Error Code 0x97 is shown. If an error with code 0x97 occurs during printing, the job will be halted and cannot be printed again until the problem is resolved.

Epson Error Code 0x97

Several Epson WorkForce (WF) printers (including the Epson WF-3640, Epson WF-4630, Epson WF-3620, Epson WF-7620, and Epson WF-7610), as well as other Epson printers, are prone to the Epson Error Code 0x97.

How to Quickly Fix Epson Error Code 0x97

Method 1. Look for Blatant Hardware Problems

When you get the Epson Error Code 0x97, it’s crucial that you check for any imminent hardware failures. Make sure there is paper in the loading tray and there isn’t a jam in your printer first.

Verify that the printer’s ink cartridges, protective covers, and wires are all installed and connected. If one of these is the cause of the error, fixing it should allow printing to resume normally.

Method 2. Perform a Printer Reset

If there are no obvious hardware issues, you can try shutting off the printer and unplugging it from its power source and wires.

Step 1. Close the printer’s door.

Step 2. Cut the power and network lines and unplug everything (if applicable). Empty the printer’s ink cartridges.

Step 3. You need to hold the power button down for a full minute.

Step 4. You can reinstall the ink cartridges and reconnect the cables and cords while still holding the power button.

Step 5. Once you’ve finished reconnecting everything, keep holding the power button for another minute.

Step 6. In order to check if the problem has been fixed, you need switch on the printer and print a Printer Test Page.

Method 3. Check the Nozzle Pattern by Running It

If you’re getting Epson Error Code 0x97, it could be because the nozzles on your ink cartridges are blocked or broken. Inspecting the Nozzles in the Print Head

Step 1. To print, you’ll need to load paper into the printer’s input tray.

Step 2. The next step is to use the printer’s up and down arrow buttons to select “Setup,” and then to hit the “Okay” button.

Step 3. Okay after selecting “Maintenance”

Step 4. Choose “Printer Head Nozzle Check,” confirm with “Okay,” and then hit one of the “Start” buttons to begin printing.

Step 5. Clear evidence of a clean printer head can be seen in the shape of straight and uniform lines on the printer’s test sheet.

In case you notice that your nozzle heads are blocked, here is how to clear them out:

Step 1. Take the ink cartridges out of the printhead and set them upside down on a fresh piece of paper towel.

Step 2. Take the printhead off of the printer, then wash it gently in warm water using a cloth or paper towel. Keep wiping the printhead until you see no more ink on the rag.

Step 3. With a dry cloth or paper towel, carefully pat the printhead dry. Please give the printhead 15 more minutes to dry in the air.

Step 4. In order to restart the Nozzle Check Pattern, you must reinstall the printhead and cartridges.

How to Get Printer Ink Off Hands and Clothing is here to help if you’ve made the unfortunate mistake of touching the inky side of the printhead or ink cartridges.

Method 4. Change the Driver for Your Printer to the Most Recent Version.

The task of transforming the file into a form that can be read by the printer is handled by the printer driver. Problems with these drivers are a common cause of Epson Error Code 0x97. If the problem lies with your printer’s driver, a fresh download of that driver should fix the issue.

To acquire the most recent printer driver,

Step 1. Check out Epson’s Help Center.

Step 2. Sort the name of your printer into the search field or browse by the type of product you’re looking for to locate it.

Step 3. Go to the “Downloads” section of your device menu.

Step 4. Simply select the “drivers” menu item and the most recent driver will be downloaded automatically.

To instal the driver after it has been downloaded, just stick to the on-screen instructions.

Toll-Free Number for Epson Printers

The aforementioned steps are what Epson suggests for fixing Epson Error Code 0x97. The Epson Support Center is the place to go if your printer remains unresponsive after trying these measures.

It is also important to read the fine print of your printer’s guarantee. If your Epson printer is under warranty and the company’s support team cannot determine what’s causing the problem, for instance, they should replace it at no cost to you.