Jordan Belfort Net Worth, Career, Life and Biography


Jordan Belfort is one of the few persons in finance who has the power to shape the perception of Wall Street as a self-serving, ruthless environment. On a number of charges in 1999, Belfort admitted to manipulating the stock market and running a long-term penny stock fraud.

After being sentenced to prison, Jordan Belfort penned two memoirs, the first of which, The Wolf of Wall Street, was adapted into a 2013 film starring Leonardo DiCaprio and directed by Martin Scorsese.


Jordan Belfort Net Worth

In 2017, Belfort released a self-help book, Way of the Wolf. While his victims went unpunished, Belfort made a tidy profit from his story of swindling them out of their hard-earned cash.

In the wake of his conviction for securities fraud, Belfort has relaunched his career as a motivational speaker. And he focuses on the contrast between Wall Street’s greed, ambition, and passion.

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Jordan Belfort Infancy and Childhood

Stratton Oakmont, a New York investment firm founded by Jordan Ross Belfort in the 1990s, was one of the most notorious Ponzi schemes of the era, swindling investors out of millions of dollars. He was born in Queens, the son of an accountant.

He was a born salesman who eventually tried his hand at selling meat and fish, but the venture was short-lived. In 1987, Belfort put his sales skills to use in a new context. He became a stockbroker after interning at a brokerage firm and picking up the necessary skills.

Jordan Belfort Career

He had a fish and meat business in the 1980s. Because to poor business practises, Belfort began selling stock in 1987. To broaden his experience in the financial services industry, Belfort began working in a brokerage in 1987.

Here, he honed his skills as a stockbroker. Two years later, he started his own investment company, Stratton Oakmont. The “pump and dump” strategy was used by Jordan and Danny Porush to make their fortunes.

As part of this strategy, his brokers were instructed to sell these stocks to the firm’s unwitting clients, which served to inflate their values. He sold his company’s ownership and made money as a result of this dishonest scheme.

To stop Stratton Oakmont from scamming investors and manipulating stock prices, the US Securities and Exchange Commission agreed to take action in 1992. Two years later, Belfort resigned from his scheming brokerage firm.

As part of a legal complaint, Jordan was ordered by a judge to pay back $110.4 million to multiple stockbrokers. In prison, Belfort had Tommy Chong as a roommate, and the two stayed close when Chong was released. In 2007, Jordan’s autobiography, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” was a worldwide bestseller.

It follows his ascent to stardom in the stock market and subsequent fall from favour. The former stockbroker’s new book, ‘Catching the Wolf of Wall Street,’ explores his post-arrest life.

Value of Jordan Belfort

According to our estimations, Jordan Belfort has a net worth of $2 million dollars as of 2021. A former stockbroker turned felon, he now earns a living by writing and lecturing.

According to Jordan Belfort autobiography, he began making money as a toddler and has always been an excellent marketer. Before selling stocks, Belfort made his money selling meat and fish door-to-door. That’s how he got rich and powerful.

Belfort acquired a fortune in the 1990s through his investment firm, Stratton Oakmont. He has reportedly paid $14 million of the sentence imposed on him, according to sources.

There are a number of high-end cars and homes that he has had in the past. One of his former properties is now worth $3.4 million dollars. The mansion contained five bedrooms, a garage, a swimming pool, and a number of leisure facilities.

Jordan Belfort Life at Home

Denise Lombardo and Belfort were divorced while he was running Stratton Oakmont, his first marriage. He married Nadine Caridi, a model from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, whom he met at a party, after they started dating.

He had two children with her. Belfort and Caridi separated as a result of her allegations of domestic abuse, which were fueled by Belfort’s drug usage and infidelity.

They split up in 2005. When Belfort purchased the luxurious yacht Nadine, which Coco Chanel commissioned in 1961, she was the last owner of the vessel. Caridi’s yacht was renamed after him. COMSUBIN frogmen rescued all of the passengers and crew from the stricken yacht off the east coast of Sardinia in June 1996.

As a result of Belfort’s refusal to heed his captain’s instructions, the ship sank when waves destroyed a foredeck hatch. Tennis is another pastime for Belfort.

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Convicted criminal Jordan Ross Belfort is an author, motivational speaker, and ex-stockbroker from the United States. He is also a published author. After coming to terms with his own mortality, he decided to pursue a career as a motivational speaker.