Minecraft For Windows Incompatible with Launcher

Minecraft For Windows Incompatible with Launcher

Even though it’s great that you can play Minecraft on so many different consoles, mobile devices, and desktop computers, there are still going to be bugs due to the many different Minecraft builds and versions in use.

Some PC players are apparently unable to open the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft at all due to a bug that displays the phrase “Windows incompatible with launcher.” But don’t worry, we have a tutorial that should help players figure out how to fix this problem for themselves.

The Minecraft Launcher isn’t Compatible with Windows.

Minecraft For Windows Incompatible with Launcher

When a game stops working, players have four options to get it going again. Even if only one of these strategies ends up helping you, it’s still best to give them all a shot. Try out as many of these strategies as you like; you might find that they help in other games as well.

Method 1. Reinstall

One option is to reinstall the game’s launcher, which may be the simplest for users who aren’t too familiar with PCs. When you do this, any corrupted or otherwise problematic game files on your PC will be deleted and reintegrated into the game’s original location on your hard drive.

If you’ve already got the Microsoft Store installed on your PC, all you have to do to reinstall is use the store’s built-in search bar to look for the app you want to reinstall.

When you locate it, reinstall it immediately. At launch, you’ll be prompted to check in with your Microsoft or Mojang account again, and you’ll also be given the option to reinstall the game.

Method 2. Finished With That!

Pressing and holding the Ctrl, Alt, and delete keys simultaneously is another simple option. Select the “Task Manager” application after clicking this. If you open the Task Manager by clicking that, you should be able to find “Minecraft Launcher” among the currently active processes listed in the Processes tab.

When you do, simply left-click it and select “End Task.” Performing this will end the task completely so that it can be restarted from scratch. Although this technique could be used before a complete reinstallation of the launcher, it may just be a stopgap measure until the real problem is fixed.

Method 3. Launch with Admin Privileges

If nothing of those works, try starting it up as an administrator. Just exit the launcher, preferably using the Task Manager. Then, pick “Run as Administrator” from the context menu that appears when you right-click the launcher’s shortcut/icon on the desktop.

Permissions for starting the game will be granted throughout this procedure. Follow the on-screen instructions it provides to get the launcher up and running.

Method 4. Eliminate All Add-Ons

If you’ve tried everything else and your game’s mod still isn’t working, it could be that. Mods may change the aesthetic of Minecraft in countless ways, from the skins you wear to the blocks you build with. It’s recommended to remove any and all of these now, despite their generally benign nature. Some mods may create problems with the game’s performance.

To remove add-ons from Minecraft, open the game’s folder on your computer. At the very top of the folder page is a search bar that will allow you to look for specific terms. Find the folder containing the mods, and then right-click on each file or the folder itself to remove it.

A separate folder can be created and stored somewhere on your hard drive if you’d like to save any modifications you instal for the future.

If none of these solutions helped, you may need to contact Mojang or possibly Microsoft to fix your launcher. Lucky for you, this tutorial should help the vast majority of users, ensuring that your game continues to work smoothly. Best of luck!