10 Best Screen Recording Software – Free and Paid

Best Screen Recording Software - Free and Paid

If you are a gamer or probably a YouTuber who live streams games or shows tutorial of any kind. Then your requirements of the setup can’t be completed without a screen recorder software. Isn’t it? Screen Recording Software does come with editing features so you can add text, images or you can just cut the video and insert any new content of your choice. Screen Recording Software has a simple UI.

10 Best Screen Recording Software in 2020

1. Ezvid

With a whole bunch of features here’s our first tool Ezvid which is a freeware available on Microsoft Windows. Ezvid comes with pre-video editing features with which one can edit, cut or add pictures, music, videos, and text to the recorded videos and directly they can upload on YouTube.

Additionally, it comes with an in-built gaming mode by which users can their voices. However, the videos can’t be exported directly. Whatever the drawback it has it comes with great features which include screen drawing and speed control.

2. Rylstim Screen Recorder

It’s a simple freeware tool with an extremely simple user interface that can record screens in a nice and easy way. Just press the record button and the tool does it’s work perfectly and nicely, no complications and errors just the final results. The path of output can be decided as per the user. It doesn’t come with additional features like editing, cutting, or adding text and images. This software is suitable for users who don’t have much work with recording and also for them who use it at home.

3. Webinaria

It’s a freeware screen recording software available for Microsoft Windows and is the ultimate tool for recording and rendering without any of its logo or watermark, unlike other recording software that asks for a paid version to remove watermarks.

The same thing apply here too, it can record screen for tutorials, and YouTube and editing feature is nice with adding text, cutting videos, and adding images and vocals in the recorded file. The software also has a manual adjustment of frame rates, once completed A final preview comes and video is ready to be used.

4. Flashback Express Recorder

In October 2014, Blueberry Software which adds the ability to record a video once and release it in multiple languages; a magnifier effect to enlarge parts of the movie; Password protection for recordings; and a new user interface, and easier sharing via integration with a new dedicated online video sharing.

This software basically comes in 3 versions mainly Pro, Plus, and free. The free version has basic features like recording and sharing videos with webcam and audio recording.

For all other features like exporting files to AVI, QuickTime, and PowerPoint the pro or plus subscription has to be taken although it takes some time to record and render the video.

5. Krut

Written with Java Code the program is very fast and reliable. The different part of it is that it doesn’t require installation but after downloading the user has to run the java file i.e .jar file, after which recording starts with or without audio. Also equipped with a frame rate controller the program has features of timer-controlled recording.

6. AllCapture

AllCapture comes with free as well as a paid version for Microsoft Windows. Well suited for the tutorial purpose and best for the user who uses it in the home. Equipped with the feature to convert PowerPoint slides into the video. With the ability to add notes and caption one has to register the product with just 169 euros.

7. Hypercam

Available as a demo version but full access with just $39 available on Microsoft Windows. It can record everything including skype calls with video and games with higher frame rates after which video can be saved as MP4, AVI, MKV, etc. All the edit functions are available with a friendly user interface and with hypercam editor.

8. GoView

Developed by Citrix Online it comes with paid and freeware versions as Starter, Pro, and Plus. The snipping tools take a screenshot with ease and video recording and editing is easy with familiar UI. Also as separate things, title slides can be added.

9. Windows 10 Screen Recording – Free

Microsoft has already announced that they will not be producing any further edition of Windows and will be removing support for all other older versions, we have already seen that XP support has been ended then. Instead, they will give continuous updates and roll-ups for windows 10 to make it’s security tight.

So for Windows 10 users, there is In-built software provided by XBOX which is a third party application.

Just Run Xbox app from the start and press Win + G on any app for recording a dialogue appears as the game bar! Just press yes.

10. DDVDVideoSoft.com – Free

This software has a unique feature to record mouse clicks in one go simultaneously with audio and video recording. With features like screenshot the images can be cropped in JPG, PNG, etc formats the program is best for small purposes.

The Verdict

All the tools mentioned above comes with great features and functions and are free(while some are paid) and available for all the versions of Microsoft Windows weather you have installed windows 10 or not. They all give realistic and fantastic experience when recording screen whether it’s a tutorial, software demonstration, or game recording with higher Frame Rates.

They all come in use for YouTubers, Gamers, and live streamers. If anyone wants then they can save it privately. Most of them offer essential features for free. But the features such as blur, zoom, text boxes, and special effect tools are worth every penny you spend on them.