13 Best Alternatives to Stream2watch

Stream2watch is a platform present on the web which is a blessing for the people who are addicted to Sports. It is a source for many channels which includes MTV, ABC, HBO, Animal Planet, ESPN, CNN, Discovery, and other channels. It provides you the privilege to watch sports like Football, NBA, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Fussball, MLB, Tennis, Snooker, and many more. This platform provides you with the latest news and other information related to sports.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Stream2watch. First and foremost, the reason is that it is user-friendly in nature. As on Stream2watch, you will be provided with the list of organized links of various channels from here you can select the link of your choice. Unlike other free platforms, Stream2watch is legal and verified by higher authorities. Which is one of the best advantages for its users. Moreover, the website works with operating systems like Android, Sopcast, Ustream, Coolsport, iPad, and many more. Hence, in order to enjoy the experience of unlimited and continuous streaming of different channels you just need to update and install Flash player.

13 Best Stream2watch Alternatives to Watch Live Sports

Despite having these perks of Stream2watch and you are looking for other options. Here in this guide, we provide you with some of the options which can be a good replacement for Stream2watch.

1. LiveTV

LiveTV is easy to use platform for users. Like Stream2watch it also provides you with a list of links of live TV channels. You have to select the desired link and you will be redirected to another website that streams video. The basic motto of this site is to provide you with different games and sports around the world. On LiveTV they provide you with various events, tournaments and matches of your favourite sports. Other than this it streams these contents with great quality and without any disturbance. It is observed that many users enjoy watching their favourite sports on LiveTV.

Features of LiveTV 

  • It has easy to use interface. Where you can get access to your favourite sports without charging any money.
  • It does not require any registration. You can easily access all the features and services.
  • It also streams highlights and replays of sport matches.
  • It also displays live score and sports related news.
  • It allows users to live stream different sports like Football, Basketball and Ice hockey.
  • It gives access to users to select quality as per there internet pack.
  • You can watch live sports in HD quality for free.

2. 12player

12player is a nice alternative for Stream2Watch. Here you can watch sports for free. Though, it does not stream American sports on its site. But if you are interested in watching matches like Indian Premier League and Barclays Premier League then 12player is perfect option for you. It is a spectacular site for watching various sports. Although, there are some advertisements which might be annoying but, you have an option to skip them. Other than this 12player is a good option for sports and related videos.

Features of 12player

  • Website is simple and have clean and user-friendly interface.
  • Good option to watch live Football game.
  • It also streams highlights and live sports which includes various tournaments, matches without any disturbance.
  • In order to get HD quality video on 12player you need to register yourself at bet365.

3. VIPLeague

It is a website with lots of features and services. On the VIPLeague you can get easy access to all sports related videos. However, there is a problem of advertisements like sometimes it might appear while you are watching your favourite sport but, it will not affect much as compared to other websites. Hence, choosing VIPLeague is a nice option for you.

Features of VIPLeague

  • It provides you easy access to different sports TV channels with its website.
  • It works in different devices like smartphones, tablets, and PC.
  • It streams sports related content on its website. And the speed of the videos depends upon your internet speed.
  • It provides access to you to watch different sports like WWE, Hockey, Tennis, Golf, Boxing and many other different sports.
  • It is an open and independent website. Which means that it is not dependent on other websites for the content.

4. Sports365

Sports365 is combination of every sports which you are looking for. It includes sports like cricket, Football, WWE, Volleyball and other sports of your interest. On Sports365, firstly you need to register yourself to enjoy different perks of watching tournaments and leagues, and you can get access to individual channel for all types of sports.

Features of Sports365

  • It provides access to almost every type of sport.
  • It has clean and user-friendly interface.
  • It offers different services without charging anything.

5. WiziWig

WiziWig is accepted by majority of people around the globe. The main reason behind this is that the content present on this site is available in different languages.  Moreover, it has many subscribers. As here you can get almost every video related to sports and sports news. It includes variety of sports like Cricket, WWE, Boxing, Football, Basketball, Soccer, Rugby and many other fascinating sports.

Features of WiziWig

  • This site is ad free and is safe, easy to use.
  • The streaming content is organised under categories like latest, popular, genres and other different sports and games.
  • It also provides you with highlights of various games.
  • It gives access to all it’s users around the globe.
  • You can keep look on upcoming tournaments, matches and other related news.

6. CricFree

As the name suggests, this website is specially designed for streaming cricket matches and leagues for free. Not only cricket it also streams other sports which includes Soccer, Cricket, Boxing, Basketball and other famous sports. From the above points we can conclude that CricFree is a globally accepted option for Stream2Watch.

Features of CricFree

  • CricFree has interactive and user-friendly interface which is welcomed by any user.
  • It includes 12 different categories of sports which includes the list of all famous sports.
  • It has the option of multi-tasking.
  • It has a unique feature of discussion panel. Where you can communicate with other sports fans globally.
  • No prior registration is required for using CricFree.

7. NewSoccer

This site provides you with the facility of watching Soccer at your home with all the comforts. Here you can watch all soccer games which includes Premier League, La Liga, Series A, Champions League, Europe League and all the other tournaments related to soccer. Hence, it is a blessing for all the football addicts.

Features of NewSoccer

  • This site offers you with live score and live stream of all Football related matches.
  • You can get access to live ongoing match.
  • You can watch all football related matches which includes UEFA Champions League, Barclays Premier League, and other tournaments free of cost.
  • It is a user-friendly interface. Users have an option to search for their favourite leagues and matches.

8. Atdhe

Atdhe covers almost every sport which is present around the globe. It is not oriented to any single sport. So, if you are interested in exploring all the fields of sport than you should definitely go for Atdhe. Hence, you are served with all the different flavours of sports on this website. On the other hand, Atdhe contains the streaming links of other websites also so, it is not an independent platform.

Features of Atdhe

  • All the videos are present in extremely good quality.
  • It contains basic interface which is easy to use.
  • All the sports categories are easy to navigate.
  • Website is good at streaming games like Soccer, baseball, Hockey, Rugby and many more.

9. SportsP2P

It is well known for streaming sports like Football, Basketball, Cricket, Tennis and many other sports. It provides you with the feature of checking schedule of upcoming and ongoing live events. Hence, it is a nice replacement for Stream2Watch website.

Features of SportsP2P

  • It provides you with both live and highlights of various matches.
  • Provides all the related leagues and tournaments related news.
  • Perfect platform for streaming Football matches.
  • Offers you with all streaming services.
  • It has easy to use interface.
  • It is accessible around the globe.

10. BatManStream

It is a superb platform to stream different sports like Football, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball, Baseball, Racing and many other.

Features of BatManStream

  • Have simple and easy to use interface.
  • It offers both live and highlights of sports events.
  • It has perfect video quality of all types of sports.

11. WizWig

It is a website which helps you in accessing different Sports videos. Here you can watch sports like Football, Tennis, Rugby, Baseball and many more fascinating sports. It provides you with all the sports around the globe.

Features of WizWig

  • On WizWig you can check the updates of sports news.
  • It has interactive and well-organised interface.
  • You can get access to higher quality audios and videos.
  • People having same sports interests can communicate with each other on this website.

12. OffsideStreams

You require subscription to use this website. It charges you £13.97 for accessing this website. After getting access you can watch sports of your choice in the desired quality.

Features of OffsideStreams

  • It works with almost every device.
  • There is no advertisements and disturbance on this interface.
  • It provides you with the unique option of playing matches on TV.
  • It provides you with the huge collection of TV channels.

13. SportStream

It streams various types of sports which includes Football, soccer, Tennis, Badminton, Rugby and many other sports. SportStream has gain its popularity as it live streams sports events and matches.

Features of SportStream 

  • It has easy navigation.
  • You can check the schedule of upcoming matches.
  • Gives access to high-quality audio and video.

14. YouTube

YouTube is one of the most famous video streaming platforms. Hence, in order to watch your favourite sports, you just need to subscribe to appropriate channel. And subscribing on YouTube does not charge you anything.


To sum up, the above-mentioned sites are considered as the best replacement for Stream2Watch. You can choose any of the above listed sites as all of them consists of variety of sports channels, good quality audio and video and some of them are compatible with many of the devices. So, do tell your views in comment section below and thank you for reading.