8 Best ‘Ustream’ Alternatives of 2024

If you are an influencer or a business owner, it is important that you hold some interactive sessions with your audience. Now, you can’t do it one on one because of a huge number of people, but with Live Streaming services, it is possible to achieve it.

Live Streaming has helped influencers to gain more followers and business owners to boost their business. It is a way in which your followers can see the real you. Some social media platforms have the feature of live streaming while there are applications that are dedicated to it, like Ustream.

Ustream is a website used for broadcasting live streaming videos on the internet. You can show your followers your skills, talents, pets, home tour, and much more unfiltered. You can also see the identity of your followers.

8 Best Ustream Alternatives

Other than Ustream, you can also find some other options for live streaming that are equally good. This article lets you know about the eight best Ustream alternatives.

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1. Youtube Live Streaming

Youtube was originally created for uploading videos and sharing entertaining content with people all around the world. You gain subscribers who like and comment on your post. With time, the site developed, and its interface was embedded with more and more features. YouTubers can earn using Ads or paid partnerships.

In 2011, live streaming was also introduced on Youtube. With live streaming, people can showcase their talents such as music, dance, magic, tutorials, or construct tours of their homes, rooms, closets, or simply have a conversation with the audience.

2. LiveStream

Livestream is a fantastic site for going live as well as watching other people’s live videos. You can view concerts, conferences, news reports, and so much more anytime and anywhere. You can download the Livestream app on both Android and iOS.

Links to a certain live video can be sent via what’s app, Facebook, or other apps. While watching live videos, you can also discuss and converse with other people. Livestream supports various devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and more. It is a great alternative to Ustream.

3. Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming app dedicated basically to gamers. With this app, you can live stream your game or join other people to watch games or events at a professional level. It supports a number of devices such as mobile, PC, Xbox PlayStation 4, and more.

The app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. You also have the option to chat with people. Twitch has an impressive interface and is a hub for gamers all around the world. You are undoubtedly going to love the app if you are into gaming.

4. Bambuser

Bambuser is another superb option for live streaming purposes. It provides tools that allow you to broadcast live video sessions in high-quality sound and pictures. The access to people is at the extremes because either your video is visible publically or only to you.

Bambuser does not have a large audience, so, if you are looking to increase your followers or grow your business, it might not be the most favorable option. It enables you to engage with your followers. You can use it for live streaming with just the intention of having fun or other purposes as well. Overall, it is a good option to explore.

5. Facebook Live

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that connects people from all parts of the world. It was introduced as a chatting site in the first place, but with the progression and development, features such as video calls, phone calls, uploading pictures and videos, and even live streaming have been installed in the app.

It has a straightforward interface and maintains a user-friendly environment. You have the option to choose who can watch your video. People who are watching the video can also comment and discuss.

The video is uploaded automatically on your timeline unless you delete it. People have the option to subscribe to more videos if they find them amusing. It is one of the best alternatives to Ustream.

6. Periscope

Periscope is a perfect destination for live streaming. You can watch live videos of other people or replays. In the same way, you can allow other people to get updates from your side by going live. You can also upload it for people to watch later on.

It is a great platform for discussions on socially, environmentally, and politically important topics. People can make real-time comments, and you can reply to them while streaming. Overall, periscope is a powerful app for showcasing live videos and shows.

7. Meerkat

Meerkat is an amazing app that gives you and your followers a space for real-time conversations. It is a great way to increase your reach and display transparency to your audience. It allows you to save the live streams that you want to in the library and watch them later, but it does not allow replays. Viewers can also comment while watching your video. It is the right choice for anybody looking forward to live streaming and interacting with people.

8. Blab

Blab is a fabulous creation for viewing real-time conversations between people through group live streaming. The screen can be split into four parts at max. Friends can join the streaming and entertain viewers by the conversation on various topics.

It promotes a friendly and interactive ambiance. It offers good video and audio quality. You can easily connect it with your social media as well. It is a highly popular application. If you are a fan of live streaming and even watching live videos of other people, you must definitely try this app.

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Live Streaming has become a trend these days. You will find every influencer as well as business using it as a tool to enhance their reach. It has benefitted a number of brands to extend the boundary of their business. People have used it to gain followers and names.

Many apps like Meerkat, Bambuser, Livestream, and others are dedicated entirely to live stream. On the other hand, keeping in view, the growing graph of this feature, apps like Facebook and Youtube have also introduced it. You can choose any app that suits you the most and use it to your best for creating an impact.