Windows Server 2012 End of Life

Windows Server 2012 End of Life

On October 10, 2023, Microsoft will no longer provide updates or fixes for Windows Server 2012. Companies that rely on Windows Server 2012 should start making preparations immediately. Plan your upgrade from Windows Server 2012 soon, because it could take up to a year.

The deadline to upgrade is October 2023. It’s best to plan ahead and work out your technological strategy now, before supply constraints of gear, pricing fluctuations, and other variables make it more difficult.

What does “Support Has Ended” Mean?

Any company remaining on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 after October 10, 2023 will no longer receive important security upgrades or monthly fixes. There will be an increase in security risk and compliance worries if firms do not upgrade, as Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates and support.

Windows Server 2012 End of Life

Since the upgrade and migration process might take months, we strongly advise that any company operating Windows Server 2012 performs both as soon as possible.

If Maintenance Stops, What Happens Then?

There are no patches, it is not compliant, and there is no technical assistance.

When it comes to security patches, Microsoft is constantly on the ball. If a new vulnerability is found, Microsoft releases a patch almost immediately. When the clock strikes 10 October 2023, Microsoft will no longer provide fixes or support for Windows Server 2012.

After the end of support, you will no longer get important safety patches. Cybersecurity threats and worries about not being compliant will both rise as a result.

Nothing will be stopping someone from accessing your network or stealing your data. If your company is subject to regulations that necessitate compliance, like CMMC, and you’re using an unsupported technology, you’ll be in violation of those regulations.

In addition to the security issues, your company’s operations will suffer. Your company’s daily operations would be impossible without the server’s ability to host your applications and store and organise your data. There will be performance and productivity issues if you don’t upgrade. Furthermore, Microsoft will not provide assistance to your IT team if they have any problems using Windows Server 2012.

Which Better Model should you Get?

The latest version of Windows Server 2019 is highly recommended by Microsoft.

I Need to Know What to Do Next.

Even if it may seem like you have plenty of time to upgrade, you should start thinking about it as soon as possible. Sooner than you think, the deadline to upgrade will arrive. The time it takes to upgrade can vary widely depending on the state of your IT infrastructure.

Just Start doing Something After Discussing Your Alternatives With Your IT Department.

Start making your relocation plans immediately. Although October 2023 may seem far off, if preparations are made in advance and efforts are coordinated, that date will here before you realise it. Time is required for many aspects of an upgrade, from the IT team’s planning and preparation through the final stages of coordination and implementation.

Our goal as an IT firm is to assist in keeping your systems safe and sound. Contact us if you need assistance developing and implementing your strategy.