10 Best XMovies8 Alternatives to Stream HD Latest Movies Online

No one can deny that watching movies is enjoyable. You can watch a film simply to pass the time or for the love of one of your favourite celebs.

Many people are probably familiar with the moniker XMovies8, and for those who aren’t, XMovies8 was a website where you could watch movies for free.

Authorities targeted it for its obscene practise of listing movies on the website without the authorization of the movie creators, and it was eventually blocked by service providers. It is possible that it is an unlawful website.

Furthermore, you could argue that it is not user-friendly. So, in this article, we’ll look at some of the greatest XMovies8 alternatives.

Alternatives to XMovies8 for Streaming HD Movies Online

For movie buffs, we’ve listed the top 10 best alternatives to XMovies8 in 2020. Check out the XMovies8 alternatives and have fun watching movies.

1. YesMovies

YesMovies is impossible to refuse. It is not only the best platform for streaming movies, but it is also one of the top sites like XMovies8 where you can watch your favourite TV episodes and documentaries for free. You may also download all of the content from these XMovies8 options to view later.

Despite the fact that it is free, it offers high-quality movies. YesMovies will send you notifications about new releases if you subscribe.

This XMovies8 alternative provides you with unlimited access to movies from across the world. So, if a particular film isn’t accessible in your nation, you know where to look.

2. GoMovies

GoMovies is one of the top XMovies8 alternatives. It gives you access to a fantastic site where you may watch movies for free. By adding a genre area to its features, Gomovies makes it easy for viewers to stream their favourite movie.

You go to the genre section and choose the movie genre you want to view. Apart from a large number of popups and adverts, GoMovies is a fantastic site.

3. Movie4k

Movie4k is another excellent XMovies8 option that offers a free platform for streaming your favourite films. It also offers an intuitive user interface. As a result, it is simple to comprehend and apply.

Furthermore, it gives you with thousands of movies that are organised according to their ratings, allowing you to quickly select the greatest films to watch. The best part about Movies4k is that there are fewer advertising, making your experience more enjoyable.

4. Vidics

If you prefer to read about a film and read reviews about it before watching it, Vidics is the place for you. It’s also one of the greatest options to XMovies8 for getting a synopsis of what’s going to happen in the movie.

It’s one of the best places to watch free movies online and a good alternative to XMovies8. With the categorization of movies, it has widened its horizons; one can easily choose the movie of their preference.

5. MegaShare

If you like to watch movies at home instead of going to the movies, MegaShare is for you. You may watch your favourite movies whenever and wherever you choose, and the best part is that they are all free.

MegaShare is an XMovies8 alternative that gives you access to a site where you may find your favourite movie with only one search.

MegaShare also has a straightforward user interface. The only issue with these XMovies8 alternatives is the popups that display when you accidentally click away from the movie screen while watching it; otherwise, it has everything a movie buff needs.

6. CMovies

CMovies is a superb movie streaming platform that can also be used as an alternative to XMovies8. It allows you to watch all movies for free. Movies from the past to the present are available on CMovies. This XMovies8 substitute is organised into parts for your various interests.

When viewing movies with an elderly person, be in mind that CMovies also offers an adult area. Are you sick of the obnoxious adverts that keep popping up when you’re watching your favourite movie on Netflix? Then CMoviesHD is precisely what you require.

7. 5Movies

5Movies allows you to watch your favourite movies and TV series for free. It’s one of the most effective XMovies8 substitutes. You may view movies from around the world.

It features a separate nation area where you may watch movies from a specific country. It has divided the films into genres. 5 Movies makes finding your favourite film straightforward and easy.

8. MovieViewer

MovieWatcher is another excellent XMovies8 substitute. It gives you access to a site where you may watch movies and television series for free. You can also download and add as many movies as you like to your collection.

MovieWatcher functions similarly to other websites and has a user-friendly interface. There are numerous categories to choose from. You have the option of selecting the genre of the film you want to see.

MovieWatcher allows you to find your favourite movie with only one search. The best feature of downloading movies is that you may view them without interruption.

9. SeeHD

This XMovies8 alternative ensures that its viewers can watch movies for free and in high definition. Another great feature of SeeHD is that you may download your favourite movies and enjoy them without interruption.

Even if you want to watch movies online, your experience will be excellent because advertisements are limited. It also has a year area where you can select the year in which you wish to watch movies from.

It categorises its films according on their popularity. SeeHD improves your experience by making it easier and more straightforward.

10. CouchTuner

CouchTuner is a well-known movie streaming website and one of the best XMovies8 alternatives. It offers you the best films from the top directors. It also includes a large selection of TV shows from your favourite entertainment networks and corporations.

Furthermore, using CouchTuner to watch your favourite movies is completely free. Because it is not totally legal, it may cause you difficulties in accessing it, or it may be unavailable in your region; yet, it functions satisfactorily. CouchTuner is one of the top XMovies8 alternatives.


The best sites, such as XMovies8, have already been discussed. Furthermore, all of the XMovies8 competitors listed above have the same functions, but they differ from one another. These are the websites to visit the next time you want to watch movies for free.