YouTube Black Screen [RESOLVED]


You’re ready to unwind after a long day of work. Do you enjoy listening to the same song over and over again? Let’s get started with YouTube. ‘

But hold on! Can you tell me what’s causing the video to freeze up? Well! Hello. Are you one of the many people who have to watch YouTube videos with a black screen? There are numerous issues that prevent a video from playing.

Indeed, it has come to our attention that the video is black either for a little amount of time or is completely black throughout. Let’s start by identifying the source of the issue. Ad blockers, extensions, and hardware accelerations are all arranged incorrectly, which is causing the problem.


It doesn’t matter if you believe it or not! Mistakes are commonplace. It doesn’t matter how big or well-known a corporation is; there will always be a flaw or defect in it somewhere.

These issues are a hindrance to the system’s seamless operation. In light of this problem, it is not unusual. Almost three-quarters of the world’s population is affected by this problem. However, fear not! Let us take care of this.

In the end, what matters most is not how we make mistakes, but how we learn from them after they’ve occurred. In addition, this aids us in achieving new heights of success. So, here are the chalked-out plans for the project. There are a number of solutions to your problem listed below.

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Fix YouTube Videos Black Screen

Take a look.

Method 1: Verify Your Internet Connection

Check your internet connection to ensure it is reliable, uninterrupted, and fast before we begin. Slow downloads and pixelated images can be avoided by increasing signal strength, increasing security, and speeding up internet connections.

As a result, there are frequent disruptions while downloading and streaming the video content. A black screen with sounds playing in the background is another option. As a next step, simply reload the page and wait for it to finish loading. As a result, you’ll want to make sure everything is running well.

Monitor your computer’s data traffic to ensure that proxies aren’t interfering. Additionally, keep a watch on your computer’s connection. Check to see if any programmes on your PC are using excessive amounts of bandwidth.

Method 2: Erasing Your Browser’s History

Look through your browser history and cache. Your browser history and cache should be cleaned. Browser history and cache can have a negative impact on web surfing. In order to clear Google Chrome’s browsing history, follow the steps outlined below. There you have it, a step by step breakdown.

Please note that this will wipe everything of your browsing history, including passwords and preferences, so be careful.

Step 1: Using the Ctrl+Shift+Del key combination, clear your internet history. Secondly, click on the “Advanced” tab at the top.

Step 2: Make sure all the checkboxes have been checked. You can do this by clicking the Clear browsing data option. Restarting your browser is the final step. Use Task Manager to ensure that all applications running at the same time are shut off.

Step 3: Check to see if you can stream YouTube videos smoothly.

Method 3: Adblockers and Extensions 

Videos on YouTube that have turned black have been linked to cache and history, as previously stated. There are times when Plan B does not work. However, there’s always a silver lining! Keep your spirits up. Optimism is contagious. From this point forth, everything will go as planned.

There was already a dawn in its belly when dusk fell. Check to see if the browser extension’s connection is a factor in the problem. To move on, the first step is to update the browser/plug-in extensions. Maintain the integrity of YouTube.

We, on the other hand, urge that you immediately disconnect from the extension if you notice any problems with it. This is the first step in determining whether or not your browser or the server is to blame for the issue. To remove the extensions, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Using Chrome’s address bar, type “chrome:/extensions.” Press the Enter key on your keyboard. In the second step, uncheck “Enable.”Adblockers should be turned off at this point.

Step 2: Restart your web browser. Make sure the video is running. YouTube videos cannot be streamed if you use an adblocker. Before the video begins, an ad is removed.

Because of this, the video won’t play.

Method 4: Disabling Hardware Acceleration 

The term “hardware acceleration” may be unfamiliar to you. Acceleration is the use of hardware to accomplish some functions more quickly and effectively than would be feasible if the software were running.

Using a GPU instead of a CPU to perform various tasks highlights this. Most significantly, it raises the stakes of a given work to a new level. We’ll see if disabling the browser’s hardware acceleration fixes the problem by disabling the browser’s hardware acceleration.

Step 1: In order to begin, you’ll first need to open Google Chrome. Take a look at the menu in the top right of the screen. Setting up your account is the second step.

Step 2: Complete the journey. Take a look at the advanced options. Go all the way to the end of the tab you just opened. Select System from the drop-down menu. Also, if hardware acceleration is available, uncheck the box.

Step 3: Click RELAUNCH, which appears as a new option. To put the changes into effect, simply click on it.

Investigate whether you can watch YouTube videos without problems.

NOTE: Disable the Hardware Acceleration Video Decode if this process does not work. Check the weather often to see if the effects have been reversed.

Method 5: Using Software Rendering 

To enhance the performance of Google Chrome, it is common practise to apply hardware acceleration. However, Microsoft Edge users may not be able to use this method. Microsoft Edge, on the other hand, aims to make applications run as smoothly and effectively as possible.

No, I’m not referring to those people who use Microsoft Edge. And when you try to watch videos on the internet, you’re having trouble? Well! We’re here for you. The problem will almost certainly be solved if these steps are followed. I encourage you to give it a whirl.

Step 1: Press Windows+S to begin. This brings up a search box. Secondly, type in “Internet Options” into the dialogue box. Open the first result that comes up in the search results.

Step 2: Navigate to the Advanced Tab in step three. If you want to use software rendering rather than GPU rendering, a checkbox will appear. It’s that simple. To keep your changes, click Apply.

Restart your computer to verify the modifications you just made. It’s possible to watch videos on YouTube without logging in or using the Incognito mode.

Many YouTube users have reported that they are unable to access their accounts. This has been brought to our attention. Despite this, they are able to stream videos quickly after signing out. You’re safe with us. No one wants to log out.

Call us over the top, but we’ve come up with an alternative solution for you. You may watch as much video as you want, whenever you want, anywhere you want, by simply switching to Incognito mode. To do this, select “New Incognito Mode” from the context menu when you right-click on the Chrome icon.

Method 6: Using the Latest Version of Your Browser

Since when did you last upgrade your browser? What’s the point of asking this question? I’ve nailed it down. Bingo! You’re 100% correct, my friend! Until you upgrade your browser, you’ll continue to see the YouTube dark displays.

Always keep the browser up to date. Install Google Chrome first if you’re currently using something else. If you’d like to go the extra mile, feel free to do so. Use a different browser to stream YouTube videos.

Using this method, you can determine if your current browser is malfunctioning or if this problem affects all of your browsers.

Step 1: The first step is to click the three red dots at the top-right corner of the screen. A package is lowered from above.

Step 2: Select “Help” from the drop-down menu. Select Help & Support > About Google Chrome from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Chrome will check for and install any available updates. Make sure you have everything you need to start the browser.

A Relaunch button will appear on the screen, which you should click on. Inspect to see whether it’s been fixed.

Method 7: Check Adobe Flash Player/JavaScript 

Adobe Flash Player is a piece of computer software used in conjunction with the Adobe Flash Platform to build interactive multimedia projects. Streaming audio and video, browsing multimedia files, and executing rich internet applications are all possible with this platform’s features set.

Make sure you download and install the most recent version from the company’s official website first. YouTube, by default, has moved Firefox users to HTML5 from Flash Player. By visiting YouTube’s official website, you may find out if your browser supports HTML5.

Visit the official YouTube website. Everything is at the tip of your fingers. People can still watch videos even if they have adverts on them in some circumstances. For example, Firefox users can install an add-on that automatically plays videos using Flash.

Always check to make sure there aren’t any incompatibilities with any of the Adobe products. For their Achilles’ heels, they are well-known. And if it does, it will open a can of worms, so to speak. In a nutshell, keep an eye out for snakes.

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