15 Best Sites Like ‘YouTube’ Alternatives


YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing websites on the internet. On Youtube, almost 300 videos are uploaded every minute. This is a significant amount. One can build a profile on this site and comment on videos that are shared there. Users can profit from their channels as well.

Youtube is an excellent platform for independent artists and vloggers to display their skills by submitting videos. Youtube is a website where anyone may find videos on any subject they want.


It might be a video showing how to prepare various cuisines, a movie, or a popular TV show. In addition, Youtube Premium is a new service that the corporation has launched. Premium includes additional channels as well as exclusive programming.

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15 Alternatives to YouTube for Video Sharing and Uploading

There are several more video-sharing services that can be used in addition to Youtube. There are 15 more Youtube options listed below.

1. Dailymotion

One of the sites that launched one month after Youtube was created is Dailymotion. This website is still the primary competitor of Youtube. Dailymotion users can upload videos as well as explore material, similar to Youtube.

This website combines professional and amateur content. This website has around 300 million monthly visitors.

Dailymotion, like Youtube, allows users to make money based on the number of views of their uploaded videos.

Dailymotion is completely free to join. Users can also upload videos for no charge. However, there are a few rules that must be fulfilled by the user.

The user is allowed to upload ten videos per day, two hours of footage each day, and videos that are 60 minutes long. The maximum file size is 2 GB.

3. MetaCafe

Metacafe makes it much easier for people to upload and explore content. This business specialises in content that is often brief.

Reviews, music videos, and news pieces, for example. Users prefer to watch short films and amusing videos.

Anyone may join and upload videos for free. The majority of the videos on this site are between 90 and 180 seconds long.

To guarantee that users create brief movies to upload to the site, the file size is limited to 100MB. There is no way to add videos to Metacafe automatically.

A community of around 80,000 volunteers watches the videos once the user uploads them. They next assess whether or not the video is eligible for inclusion in the public Metacafe channels.

3. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video-sharing platform that allows content providers to submit videos of any size. This website has also teamed with well-known studios and producers in order to provide high-quality material.

This will also make it easier to surf their website for free. On the other side, the site limits the amount of data a user can upload per week.

The length of the uploading file is determined by the plan selected by the user. Although there is no monetization on Vimeo, there is a ‘tip jar’ button beneath each movie.

Users can upload up to 500MB of video every week and 10 videos per day as a result of this. The monthly cost of the Plus Plan is roughly $9.95.

This allows you to upload 5GB of video per week. This website also has the capability of displaying 1080P HD videos.

4. Veoh

Users will find a mix of user-uploaded and studio content on this site. This website provides a platform where users may watch a variety of short videos, TV series, movies, and anime.

Some aspects of this website are only accessible in the United States. Studio-produced TV shows from major networks, for example. If you like, you can also start uploading videos for free.

Veoh allows for unlimited video uploads and video lengths. This website also features a user-friendly design for exploring and sharing content.

The bulk of publishers make use of this website’s features. This makes it easier for users to share movies with their friends and networks.

5. Crackle

Sony is the owner of Crackle. It also functions as a video streaming service. This website has the capability of hosting a variety of past and existing TV episodes.

In addition, this website hosts a number of unique original shows. Users can watch a variety of content for free. They can also create a Crackle account.

Users cannot, however, post videos to Crackle. However, Crackle is a popular streaming service. The Crackle app streams on most platforms, including mobile phones and game consoles.

6. DTube

Blockchain technology is used on this website. This technique aids in the creation of a decentralised video database. Users can also upload videos for free, and it’s really basic and straightforward.

This website pledges to protect users from censorship. Users can trust DTube to be a safe location to share all types of content.

The user does not need to be concerned about being blacklisted because of their personal beliefs. This website is also free of advertisements. It also limits your capacity to profit from the videos you’ve uploaded.

There are no longer any constraints on video file sizes or durations. The user’s only constraint is the bandwidth of the internet provider.

7. 9GAG

Hong Kong is the home of this website. 9GAG is a video platform as well as a social media site. Users can contribute amusing images, videos, and GIFs to this site.

The content posted on this site can also be shared on other well-known platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Users can currently submit photos and GIFs. The user must submit video content with the 9GAG social media accounts if they want to upload it.

This permits the administrators to choose whether or not to share the video. This site does not allow users to make money. 9GAG is one of the most entertaining websites to visit. This website also features memes.


Gamers are the primary users of this website. Twitch was founded in order to allow live streaming. Users can make money by streaming on Twitch.

However, when compared to Youtube, the pay is significantly lower. Twitch primarily focuses on live streaming, although users can also submit previously recorded videos.

Reruns or Premiers were the terms used to describe these videos. This function is only available to users who have reached the Affiliate Level.

To become a Twitch Affiliate, the user must have at least 500 total minutes of live broadcasts in the last 30 days, 7 unique broadcasts, and 3 or more viewers.

In addition, the user must have 50 followers. On the other hand, affiliation is completely free.

9. Instagram TV (IGTV)

Another platform where users can post video content is YouTube. Users can follow other channels similarly to Instagram.

Users can also look through a stream of recent and recent uploads. Every Instagram user has access to this site. Short video clips are popular on this platform.

The videos are usually shown with a vertical aspect ratio. This website is primarily browsed on mobile devices. The user must upload videos that are between 15 seconds and 10 minutes long.

Each video is limited to 650MB. If the account is validated, the user can post videos up to 60 minutes in length. The file can be up to 3.6GB in size.

IGTV does not provide users with the ability to earn money. The corporation, on the other hand, has plans to begin monetizing content creators.

10. Open Video Project

This website aids in the preservation of videos. It is completely free to use the Open Video Project. However, the user interface is outdated, making it difficult for visitors to navigate the site on a mobile device.

Videos are not accepted on this page. If a user has a good video collection, he or she should contact the website managers.

This will make it easier for people to have their videos included in the project. This website is actually used as a learning tool.

Educational and historical films are frequently missing from other platforms. This project began in the year 1998.

It has thousands of digital videos. Here you can find old documentaries as well as instructive films.

11. BitChute

Torrenting technique is used on this platform. This platform facilitates video sharing. The site was developed in response to political demonetization films on YouTube.

This website allows users to upload and distribute content without limitation. The reason for this is that no central server monitors the files.

The material and video sizes are unrestricted. Users can watch the videos on their PCs as well as their mobile phones.

12. PeerTube

This website is a peer-to-peer video-sharing platform. PeerTube does not allow advertisements or censorship.

The user has complete freedom to upload videos. It is completely free and has no restrictions on file sizes or video length.

The videos are usually stored on the computers of the users. The user is sharing a file from their computer when he or she uploads it.

13. Video Section of the Internet Archives

This is a vast video database with a large number of videos. This website’s primary goal is to archive stuff. This ensures that the videos are accessible to the general audience.

Users can upload vintage documentaries, TV series, and public domain films to this site. This website does not have any latest films. This website is completely free to use.

Uploading videos has not slowed down. Users can upload up to 1000 files each page, and the files can be larger than 50GB in size.

14. LiveLeak

This site allows users to view reality footage from any event. This website provides information not covered by the mainstream media. Only a few videos have graphic content. Consider a shooting or a deadly accident.

Users have a lot of freedom when it comes to uploading their own films. The videos must be relevant to current events. This website, however, is not monetized.

15. The Vlogs

It is an online vlogging platform. They can collaborate on video blogs. The content must be connected to current events in politics. There are no rigorous uploading rules.

To upload videos, users must must select one of the premium options. If you have a level 2 membership, you can watch videos without ads and upload up to 1GB of video files. Level 3 members have the option of live-streaming their own videos.

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These are a few sites that are similar to Youtube in terms of video sharing and uploading. With each passing day, the functionalities of these sites will improve.

These are the venues where you can demonstrate your abilities. Try visiting these sites instead of YouTube. I’m confident you’ll enjoy these platforms as well.