Are Zoe Kravitz And Robert Pattinson Dating

Are Zoe Kravitz And Robert Pattinson Dating

The Batman has been an international phenomenon ever since its release, with its legacy receiving as much attention as The Dark Knight. In addition, viewers can’t get enough of the connection between Robert Pattinson and Nicole Kravitz, who play Batman and Catwoman, respectively.

Many fans are reportedly binge-watching their press conference interviews because they can’t get enough of the chemistry between the two leads. Fans of Pattinson and Kravitz should know a few interesting tidbits about their friendship, despite the fact that they make a great on-screen pair.

They’ve Known one Other for Over a Decade as Good Friends.

Are Zoe Kravitz And Robert Pattinson Dating

Though their bond is obvious, many viewers have no idea it has lasted for almost a decade. Robert went on to say this about the actress during his ET interview from 2019: “I’ve been friends with [Kravitz] for, like, 10 years and she’s great.”

When promoting The Batman, Zo also shared the story of how she and Ben met. Kravitz said they had met for the first time at an audition for the film Remember Me, where Robert had ultimately landed the lead role and Emilie de Ravin had been cast in the role for which Zo had originally tried out.

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They Are Unaware of Each Other’s Most Significant Works.

Despite sharing a taste in cinema, the two admitted they knew little about one another’s filmographies. It’s fair that Zo hasn’t seen Rob’s criminally undervalued arthouse flicks, but according to People Magazine, Zo said she hasn’t seen any of the Twilight movies, his biggest box office smash to date not starring The Batman.

Kravitz said, “It’s not my taste,” and Robert shot back, “It’s not even cool to be a hater anymore, that’s so 2010.” Pattinson joked about how difficult it was for him to answer questions about Zo’s most successful films when the press tried to test him. Fans found out they weren’t interested in each other’s projects and found it hilarious.

Their Horoscopes are a Perfect Fit for One Another.

Whether or whether one is a believer in astrology, the idea that the stars themselves think they make a fantastic friendship match is quite cool. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, rules over the ascendant of both individuals, suggesting that they share a common drive to express themselves creatively.

Besides sharing a love for the arts, Robert’s Cancer moon and Zo’s Virgo moon are a natural match. Because of their shared attention to detail and Rob’s natural sensitivity, Zoe and Rob are a great friendship fit.

They Were Described As Having “Intense” Chemistry

After hearing that the couple described their chemistry read as intense, the media naturally became curious about the setting. During their in-depth discussion, the two actors discussed the stress of portraying such renowned characters.

Even though both Pattinson and Kravitz were hesitant throughout the audition process, they turned out to be naturals and even managed to develop believable chemistry on television. An ET viewer on YouTube caught wind of this and said, “this felt a lot like two friends chatting kind of refreshing for a promo interview,” and many viewers agreed.

There There a Lack of Chemistry on Set Because

While Zo and Robert were lifelong friends before to filming The Batman, Zo suggested that she rarely saw the real Robert on set. The actress told Good Morning America: “I was able to forget that it was Rob when he put on the outfit and I would just see Batman.”

Kravitz elaborates on the fact that the Batman set is a serious place and that it can be difficult to work with a buddy. When you’re close to someone, it might be challenging to see them in a different light, but Zoe thought it was incredible how easily Bruce Wayne became Batman.

They have an Unexpectedly Chaotic Friendship.

The dynamic between Zo and Robert is, to put it mildly, chaotic and amusing. Fans can’t get enough of the two, and it shows in the numerous press tour videos for The Batman.

Kravitz appears calm and quiet most of the time, but Rob injects an extraordinary level of mayhem into the equation. Although it is clear that Rob has always been a bit of a jokester and class clown with his tall yarns, the new side he brings out of Zo is a pleasant one, and she allows him to shine in a different way, as he usually comes across as more of an introverted and discreetly humorous guy at first.

They Continue to Learn Little Details About one Another.

During press junkets, celebrities are often asked to play games or take compatibility tests by various media outlets for the sake of variety and lightheartedness. The different tests revealed, however, that none of the two knows very much about the other.

The fact that they couldn’t answer basic questions about each other’s interests and backgrounds suggests that they haven’t made an effort to get to know each other. They have great chemistry and seem to be a good match, but they seem more like faraway friends who cheer one other on from afar.

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The Two are Not Romantically Involved in the Real World.

In spite of widespread speculation to the contrary, Pattinson and Kravitz are not romantically connected in real life. People often “ship” the lead characters in popular series, although it’s clear they’re better off just being friends.

The ‘bat’ and the ‘cat’ are currently involved in other relationships, in which they each feel completely fulfilled. It has been reported that Zo and famous actor Channing Tatum have been dating since the summer of 2021, while Robert and model/actress Suki Waterhouse have been together and maintaining a low profile since 2018.