Daymond John Net Worth, Career, Life and Biography

Daymond Garfield John is an American entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and fashion designer. He is best known as the creator, president, and CEO of the clothing and hip hop apparel company FUBU.

Daymond John Net Worth

He is also a Shark Tank investor on ABC’s reality show. The Shark Group was founded by Daymond John. An estimate put John’s net worth at between $300,000 and $350,000,000. President Barack Obama also named John as an ambassador to promote and honour entrepreneurs.


Daymond John Infancy and Childhood

In Brooklyn, New York City, Garfield John was born on February 23, 1969, the son of Margot John and her husband, Garfield John. When he was just ten years old, his parents divorced.

Hollis was his home town when he was a kid. For over seven years, Daymond attended a catholic school. As a result of his parents’ divorce, he began working as a flyer-handler at the age of 10 and earned $2 an hour.

High school students are required to attend school on an alternate weekday, and this was the case for him when he was in the programme. A waiter at Red Lobster followed his graduation from high school, and he also founded a van business for commuters.

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Daymond John Career

When John was living with his mother in Hollis, he founded his clothing brand, FUBU, which he named after his mother’s nickname for him. When he was 20, FUBU stood for “for us, by us.”

Males in their twenties and thirties were the primary demographic for this apparel line. Daymond’s mother, who taught him how to sew, saw early on that her son had great talent. In order to get started, they took out a $100,000 mortgage on their house.

John Ruskin is a server at Red Lobster full time. Sewing wool ski caps, which he thought were pricey at $20, was his first endeavour. He thought they were too expensive. Carlton Brown, a neighbour and potential business partner, helped him sew them.

They made $800 in a single day by selling it for $10 each. Screen-printed T-shirts were their next task. At large occasions, they sold them on consignment for a profit. Friends of the business partners were also brought on board.

They then began designing FUBU-branded hockey jerseys and sweatshirts. In 1993, LL Cool J appeared in a GAP ad wearing a FUBU T-shirt and a FUBU cap. It was a huge boost for them, and their brand was portrayed in a positive light.

FUBU was a huge success and a huge hit. It started bringing in $350 million a year in income in just six years.

FUBU has produced over $6 billion in revenue so far. Furthermore, John has put around $8.5 million of his wealth in Shark Tank. Additionally, he is well-known for his role on the same show as a judge.

As an author, he has penned numerous works. Books like The Brand Within, Rise & Grind: Achieve More Success & Rewarding Life by Doing More with Less are great examples of this type of self-improvement philosophy in action. The Crow: Wicked Prayer, a 2005 film, was also produced by Jon.

Shopify’s brand ambassador is Daymond John. He has also been spotted working with budding businesses. ‘Daymond a Demand’ is the name of his online training programme for them. Also, he is a well-known public speaker. He has worked with well-known companies and individuals.

The bestseller lists of the New York Times and War Street Journal often include John works. NAAPC Entrepreneur Of The Year, among many more. For his work on The Shark Tank, he received a Primetime Emmy nomination.

Life at Home

There are three daughters in all for John. Destiny and Yasmeen are two of his children from his first marriage. In 2018, he wed Heather Taras. Minka Jagger is the name of the couple’s kid. As a result of John dyslexia, he suffers from reading difficulties. He was diagnosed with stage II thyroid cancer in 2017 and underwent a hysterectomy. Cancerous nodules were surgically removed from his body.

Daymond John Salary and Earnings Summary

It’s estimated that John is worth around $350 million. As a speaker, you bring in a lot of money for him, which is why he is one of the world’s most successful individuals.

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As the saying goes, “a master of none.” Every aspect of his life is a success: he is a best-selling author, a motivational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur.