13 Best ‘KickAssTorrents’ Alternatives to Use in 2024


Torrent downloads have surged in recent years in this era of downloading, and why not? Torrent downloads are as quick as other file types. As we all know, good things don’t endure forever, and KickAssTorrents was no exception; it recently shut down. As a result, people are looking for alternatives.

KickAssTorrents was something that couldn’t be replicated because of its user-friendly interface and fast torrent download speeds. Many imitators tried but failed to clone it once it was shut down.


Alternatives to KickAssTorrents

Today, we’ve compiled a list of the top 13 KickAssTorrents torrent alternatives. Take a look at them below!

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1. PirateBay

The Pirate Bay is widely regarded as the safest torrent download service. It includes a brown tone and an easy-to-use UI. It advises consumers to utilise a VPN when downloading torrents.


1. Security measures are displayed on the entry page.
2. It has a large torrent collection.
3. A large number of categories or possibilities are available.
4. Easily locate anything you desire.


1. It can be turned off or blocked at any time, making it difficult for users.
2. Illegal and pornographic content are also prevalent, necessitating security measures.

2. TorrentDownloads

Since its initial release in 2007, TorrentDownload has grown in popularity. Most websites are quickly taken down or restricted.

But this one has a track record of lasting a decade. What distinguishes it from others? It is, and it is in the music/audio section, where you can also look for audio torrents.


1. There is no need to register or log in.
2. A download speed of 4 to 5 Mbps is required.
3. Has a separate library with magnet or torrent links for Asian entertainment.
4. You can find anything, including rare and really ancient games.


1. Because there are no user comments for vulnerabilities in torrent, newly added content could be malware.


RARBG deserves to be recognised for giving KickAssTorrents a run for its money. It was initially unavailable in a number of high-profile countries, including the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and India.

To use this site, you must use a VPN such as expressvpn. This site has a lot of advertising, however most adblockers can block them so they don’t bother you.


1. It is known for providing a unique experience.
2. Obtain the top ten torrent or magnet links for various categories.
3. Look through the newly added torrent links in the new index area.


1. It has an awkward, unattractive interface.
2. It contains adult stuff, so keep it away from children.

4. LimeTorrents

LimeTorrent is a similar but not identical alternative toKickAssTorrents. It is one of the oldest working peer-to-peer file storage systems.

It employs certain antiquated technology, such as RSS. With filtering options like latest torrents or most popular P2P downloads, you can find any content faster.


1. It has a large library because it has been actively hosting tonnes of torrents.
2. It has both torrent and magnet links, making it easier to progress.
3. Easily and seamlessly navigate the interface.


1. To continue on this site, you must first login or register.
2. Users find it difficult to stream due to frequent server crashes.

5. YourBitTorrent

Another excellent alternative to KickAssTorrents is YourBitTorrent. It’s “Your Bit Torrent,” as the name implies, which means it’s entirely ours.

It has a galactic library of torrent and magnet links and is known as the largest bit torrent indexer. According to a statistic from last year, it receives roughly 1.8 million daily visits.


1. One of the safest KickAssTorrents alternatives since it notifies you if you use it without a VPN.
2. Has practically all types of content, including movies, anime, shows, pornographic stuff, and so on.
3. This website allows you to download similar stuff to watch later.


1. There are too many adverts and pop-ups, but any ad blocker can disable them.
2. There may be malicious files present; users must protect themselves.

6. Zooqle

I personally use Zooqle to download game torrents as a gaming enthusiast. It is simple to operate and is noted for its quick speed.

In terms of statistics, it receives 5 million visitors every day, but it lacks quality and experience. It includes practically every form of game torrent you could ever want.


1. Has an integrated calendar that keeps you up to speed on new uploads and releases.
2. As soon as you get on the site, look for popular and on-air content.
3. Malicious torrents are extremely rare.
4. You can like or subscribe to articles that you like.


1. A large number of ads are displayed, but an adblocker can block them all.
2. Download speeds may slow due to heavy demand and usage.

7. TorLock

TorLock stands out among torrent websites since everyone is concerned about their privacy and does not want dangerous torrents, hence this website only offers certified torrents.

Everyone requires data in today’s world, and your data can be exchanged via P2P files that include harmful malware, but thanks to TorLock, which only uses confirmed links.


1. Values its users’ privacy and only offers certified torrents.
2. Provides a thorough description as well as the ability to read comments.
3. Has a large number of files, resulting in a large number of daily visitors.


1. It contains mature stuff, thus children should avoid it.
2. Occasionally, a server glitch arises, but it is quickly resolved.


IDOPE, a torrent website that is similar to KickAssTorrents, is a good option. It offers a simple and uncomplicated user interface.

This website offers a one-click download option as well as several features and tools. Its vast collection contains practically any torrent you could possibly want.

All of the content is labelled as “a tribute to KickAssTorrents,” implying that it pays homage to KickAssTorrents following its termination.


1. Look through the most popular and most recent uploads.
2. There are several categories, such as games, videos, music, and pornographic content.
3. It has a high download and upload speed, as well as a large number of daily visitors.


1. The interface isn’t particularly appealing.
2. It contains a large number of harmful torrents.

9. Monova

Monova is another option, but it isn’t the best. The majority of its torrent and magnet links are known to be malicious.

According to the Google feature report Safe Browsing, its index has been identified as malware.

It has aggressively linked its users to illegal, distorted, or harmful software, all of which might compromise a user’s privacy.


1. Download everything available as a torrent.
2. High download speed, yet internet service providers ban it.


1. It contains pirated and illegal stuff.
2. Almost all files are harmful unless they are checked.

10. 1337X

1337X is a website that has been around for about a decade. Since the day it was launched, it has attracted a large number of visitors.

While other large names continue to tumble around it, this succeeded with its hard effort. It may have a tiny library of collections, but it proves to provide a unique and memorable experience to all that attend.


1. It has practically every TV episode, movie, and piece of music available.
2. Content that is well-organized and easy to navigate.
3. Include content organised by Oscar award, new episodes, and popular topics, for example.


1. It contains copyrighted content, which causes it to be blocked at all times.

11. Demonoid

If you’re looking for torrents of TV episodes, documentaries, audio, and anime, here is the place to go.

It includes a large library with content that is organised into categories for easy access by users. You can find anything you need here, or as I like to call it, “a place search finish.”


1. Various torrent file download links
2. Here you can find practically old to old and fresh to new information.


1. Has a clunky UI, but is useful for those new to torrents.
2. More complex options require registration.

12. PopCornTime

PopCorn Time is another excellent option that I would recommend and use myself. Popcorn Time, as the name implies, is mostly concerned with movies and television series.

It is the finest site for someone new to torrent links because it has extremely few dangerous links.


1. Content of excellent and exceptional quality.
2. Content was divided into two categories: new and old.


1. It contains pirated content and unlawful and malicious links.
2. Excessive advertising and redirecting to harmful websites.

13. Kodi

The best way to stream media is using Kodi. Add numerous repos so you can watch whatever you want.

With the right add-ons, you may find all types of local news from all over the world, since all actual news is no longer available without distortion from the Timewarner, Viacom, and Elite duopoly.


1. Well-organized and maintained content.

2. A dark theme decreases eye strain and is best used at night.


1. Malicious links and pirated content are present.

2. It lacks some functionality found on other websites, such as filtering.

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Many of us have never heard about torrents. What’s the point of downloading them? We had a prepared and curated list above that was made after analysing many aspects and situations.

Any idea or comment you make is appreciated and fully acknowledged. Your idea and consideration would be greatly appreciated. Please leave a remark below.