Done 11 Best Alternatives to ‘Tubi’ for Streaming TV Series and Movies


Tubi is a well-known streaming service with over 12000 movies and TV shows to choose from. It is completely legal and requires no subscription. Its streaming is completely free and without restrictions. IMDb gives the streaming website a good rating.

It’s compatible with nearly every major platform, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, Smart TVs, PlayStation, and Amazon Fire TV. Tubi TV is a user-friendly design that allows you to enjoy free online entertainment. You may get notifications, recommendations, and much more while enjoying the latest releases.


11 Best Tubi Alternatives for Streaming Free TV Shows and Movies

Tubi, on the other hand, uses some of the listed adverts, which can be irritating. You may also be required to pay for some types of information. We offer the Top 11 options for you if you’re seeking for a more convenient and cost-effective option!

You may get online streaming videos on sites like Tubi. You’ll get a nice streaming experience while simultaneously saving space on your device!

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1. ShowBox

ShowBox is a popular smartphone app that allows you to stream TV episodes and movies. It works with a variety of devices and operating systems. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

ShowBox’s simple and intuitive layout and design make it simple to navigate and enjoy the software. The ShowBox app contains all of the movies and TV shows. It’s an excellent replacement for Tubi.

2. Bobby and Movie Box 

Bobby and Movies Box are our second-best Tubi alternatives. It has a high number of click-through rates on streaming platforms for TV shows and movies.

This indicates that many users around the world enjoy it. Bobby and Movies Box are worth a try because of their consistent performance and large movie library.

3. TerrariumTV

For streaming movies and TV shows, Terrarium TV is a fun alternative to Tubi. This app is suitable for watching movies and TV shows on a variety of devices.

Many movies and TV shows are available for streaming on Terrarium TV. Another fantastic feature is that they are completely free. You may watch anything at any time and from any location with the Terrarium TV app.

4. Vudu

Vudu is a fantastic substitute for Tubi. This site offers a variety of video quality options for Vudu streaming. This app is easily found in the App Store or Google Play Store.

When your connection is bad, you can choose a lower quality so you can still see your favourite video. So go ahead and check it out for yourself to see how well this software works for you.

5. Kodi

For streaming movies and TV shows, Kodi is a great alternative to Tubi. Its emblem is particularly appealing to young people. Kodi is mostly a movie player with a large movie catalogue.

As a result, you can easily locate everything on Kudi, from old films to recent releases. Kudi is such a fantastic programme that you should try it out!

6. Crackle

Crackle is a great place to watch movies and TV series online. It’s an excellent substitute for Tubi. Crackle is more than simply a movie streaming service.

It has a number of TV shows, each of which comprises millions of episodes that can be viewed for free online.

You may watch the most recent popular and trending TV shows. If you are unsure which one to watch online, you can choose one at random. The possibilities are endless!

7. FlixTor

FlixTor is regarded as the second-best internet streaming service. Viewers can choose from a variety of movies and TV shows on this website.

It consistently produces high-quality videos for web viewing. Simply launch FlixTor to watch a free movie or TV programme of your choosing. All of this without having to turn on the television or visit a movie theatre!

8. PopcornTime

Popcorn Time is regarded as one of the top online movie and television series streaming services. It is a boon to those who enjoy watching movies and videos on the internet.

It allows you to make your own personalised playlist. So you can relax and watch your favourite shows on Popcorn Time in high definition.

Popcorn Time allows you to just open it on your phone or laptop, grab a snack, and enjoy your leisure time. From the comfort of your own home, you can have the cinema experience.

9. Kanopy

Kanopy, like Tubi, is an online video streaming service. Kanopy is the best place for aficionados of old films and television shows.

Kanopy has a large library of historic TV shows, many of which are available to stream in high definition.

This website is also completely free to use. Kanopy, on the other hand, requires viewers to register an account in order to watch videos online. If you’re looking for a Tubi alternative, this is the one to try!

10. 123Movies

123Movies is the most popular online streaming website, with the world’s largest movie selection.

The website offers a basic interface that makes it easy to find movies. It displays in high-definition all of the most recent, trending, and most-watched films.

It also categorises films by genre, year, and country. There are several genres to choose from, such as Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Family, Horror, and so on.

It also transmits information in a variety of video codecs, allowing you to see it on any device.

Another excellent feature is its search bar, which allows you to quickly access all of the information you require.

The service isn’t just for watching movies; it also lets you view TV shows. As a result, the site provides everything a streaming fan could want.

11. F5Movies

F5Movies is a website that includes links to movies and television series from other websites. The site claims to provide legal film links, however it is not accountable for the movie.

It displays results from the majority of movie databases and streaming video services, including MySpace, Dailymotion, Youtube, Putlocker, and others.

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Those were the top 11 Tubi alternatives. They were perfect for watching movies and TV shows on the internet. Each platform has its own set of advantages. We wish you a wonderful and enjoyable streaming experience!