Charmed Bruce Bozzi

Charmed Bruce Bozzi

Bruce B. Bozzi is a Ken doll who runs with other Ken dolls; he has always been one of the select few. They are well-educated, robust, and prosperous. They were spotted aboard Barry Diller’s yacht, so I assume they were all there. Are we talking about the Met Gala? Been, done that, sat down with Tom Ford.

Charmed Bruce Bozzi

Mr. Bozzi updated his Instagram with a vintage shot of himself looking ripped in the Hamptons, and it has him without a shirt. A one word comment (“sex”) from the actor-singer Cheyenne Jackson (see above traits) was met with five fire emojis from Kathy Hilton.

Charmed Bruce Bozzi

Yet problems exist for even Adonises. Mr. Bozzi, at 55 years old, is currently navigating a challenging situation. I don’t know if I would call it an identity crisis,” he said over lunch at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood.

But it’s been very unsettling. I also had to deal with the death of a part of my identity. The word “crisis” may therefore be appropriate. Mr. Bozzi spent 35 years in various positions with the Palm Restaurant Group, most recently as executive vice president and manager of the Beverly Hills location, frequented by Hollywood A-listers.

He has managed Palm locations in New York, East Hampton, and Washington, DC, and has mingled with the rich and famous.

He once cooked Palm Shrimp Bruno with Al Roker on the “Today” show as part of a public relations campaign for the multinational restaurant chain. (“Ta-da!”) PalmStkMan was his Instagram handle.

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Mr. Bozzi is the Great-Grandson of Pio Bozzi,

Who co-founded the original Palm restaurant in Manhattan in 1926 with John Ganzi, another Italian immigrant. The Palm and its offshoots have established themselves as exclusive hangouts for Hollywood’s A-list and Washington’s power brokers throughout the years.

“I was the fourth generation in my family to do this, and I always kind of felt like I had to see it through, that I didn’t have an option,” said Mr. Bozzi, who was raised in Queens and, subsequently, Manhattan.

Disputes over inheritance (on the Ganzi side) led to the downfall of that theory in court. To cut a long story short, in 2018, a judge ruled against the chain’s owners — Mr. Bozzi’s father and a Ganzi heir — to the tune of $120 million, which ultimately led to bankruptcy.

In 2020, the remaining pieces of the Palm were purchased by Landry’s, a hotel corporation controlled by Texas billionaire Tilman Fertitta, for $45 million. As the agreement was finalising, Mr. Bozzi resigned.

A magnificent family enterprise came to a tragic end, Mr. Bozzi remarked. Despite the fact that it still exists in its modified form, “a piece of me perished”

For a Whole Minute He Said Nothing Before Breaking His Silence And Shrugging off his Gloom.

The experience, he said, had been liberating. It’s completely up to me what I do with my time. Therefore, the big question is: What do I want? In addition, that inquiry prompts further inquiry. What am I? I’m trying to figure out, “What is the point of my existence?”

Mr. Bozzi’s reflections led him to conclude that he owed a great deal of who he was to other people. He was considered “the son of” at the Palm. It’s 2016 and Mr. Bozzi is now “the husband of” Bryan Lourd, the most influential agent in Hollywood.

Mr. Bozzi has been known as Andy Cohen’s (a loud media personality) “best friend” for about 30 years, because to their constant coverage in celebrity tabloids. (They have, in fact, been guests aboard Mr. Diller’s boat.)

Sarah Jessica Parker, who has known Mr. Bozzi since the 1990s and has said, “These relationships are really important to Bruce,” echoed this sentiment. But, “I think he wants to be his own person and be acknowledged as his own man” because “so much of his Early life was about others — everybody else, everybody else.”

“James Bond at the Gay Speakeasy”

Mr. Bozzi considered starting his own eatery, perhaps a boîte in the spirit of the original Palm’s speakeasy atmosphere. Considering buying a home in the New York City theatre district, he ultimately decided against it. Too many scars from “the other” remain, he admitted.

In addition to a daughter, age 14, Mr. Bozzi and Mr. Lourd of Beverly Hills also have a son, age 16. Mr. Bozzi said, “I don’t want to be an absentee parent. It was rare that I got to spend time with my dad when I was a kid.

Instead, he plans to become a successful entrepreneur in the alcohol industry and an internationally recognised podcast host.

Mr. Bozzi and his friend Sondra Baker launched Mujen Spirits in November.

Japanese shochu is a clear, odourless, and tasteless alcohol made from rice. Kenneth Orkin, Ms. Baker’s spouse and an investor and entrepreneur in new businesses, is also an investor in and co-founder of Mujen.

The potential for profit is tantalising; in 2017, George Clooney’s Casamigos tequila brand sold for around $1 billion, and in 2020, Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation American Gin, of which he was a co-owner, was exchanged for $610 million.

CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” co-hosts, Mr. Cohen and Anderson Cooper, drank Mujen on December 31 to kick in the new year, generating a wave of positive press for the beverage.

Mr. Cooper, gushing over the booze he was enjoying on the rocks, compared it to a lovely Siren licking him from the seas of Ulysses. After a few drinks, Mr. Cohen started ranting about politics and competing TV shows, which made headlines.

Mr. Bozzi Remarked, “It can Creep up on You,” Before Laughing about it.

Mr. Bozzi’s podcasting goals are shaped in part by his friendships with famous people. He sent Jennifer Aniston a text message in September. After earning his degree in communication from USC in 1992, Mr. Bozzi spent several years pursuing a career in acting with limited success, and it was at this time that he met Ms. Aniston. (His nighttime job took him to the Palm restaurant and bar in West Hollywood.)

Would “Jen” be interested in appearing on Bruce’s new SiriusXM podcast series, “Lunch With Bruce”? After he texted her, she responded within the minute with an affirmative.

The ensuing 53-minute chat began in the standard format of an interview with a famous person. Ms. Aniston recited her success tale with diligence. He promoted “The Morning Show” as required. When Mr. Bozzi inquired as to Ms. Aniston’s romantic prospects, she finally let her guard down.

“I think I’m ready to share myself with someone,” she declared. For a very long time, I resisted doing it. (In 2017, she filed for divorce from husband Justin Theroux.)

All the major celebrity news outlets, including “Entertainment Tonight,” People magazine, and countless others, rushed to rerun the interview.

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In the Month of October

Mr. Bozzi’s “Lunch With Bruce” appearance made even more of an impression than before. Daniel Craig, who was in town promoting his last James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” stayed with Mr. Bozzi and Mr. Lourd. (Mr. Lourd represents him.)

They didn’t sit down for a nice supper together, but instead shared stories over a few martinis, and somehow the conversation turned to gay nightlife. While dating Rachel Weisz, Mr. Craig went out with Mr. Bozzi to a nasty Los Angeles nightclub.