Do We Have School on Inauguration Day

Do We Have School on Inauguration Day

Educators may readily take age-appropriate lessons from the kind of noteworthy event that is an Inauguration Day celebration, which is usually steeped in tradition, spectacle, and symbolism.

Do We Have School on Inauguration Day

Yet, today is not your normal day of togetherness and smooth passing of power during an inauguration. After being impeached for inciting violence in an attempt to prevent President-elect Joe Biden’s election from being certified, Donald Trump will be the first sitting president to miss his predecessor’s inauguration.

This marks the first time this has happened since 1869. Because to the pandemic, the inauguration will have unusually strict security and less than usual fanfare. There was a wide range of replies from teachers when Chalkbeat asked them how they planned to address Wednesday’s momentous events.

Do We Have School on Inauguration Day

At least a few classroom instructors appear nervous about Monday’s swearing-in ceremony. Having generic inauguration events could be perceived as rude. Because of the severity of political divisions in some areas, discussing politics in class might feel like touching a third rail.

Also, with the threats of violence, is it even safe to observe the celebrations? Some, however, are not afraid to embrace the occasion by hosting student polls, watch parties, and adjusting their curriculum accordingly.

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“Kids witness and know a lot of what goes on in the world,” said Brianna Rifkin, a third grade humanities teacher at Rocketship United School in Nashville. Our goal as teachers is to help students develop into compassionate leaders who can effectively represent their interests in classroom, school, and community settings.

After observing the students’ enthusiasm for the presidential election in November, Rifkin, together with another humanities teacher and an English language expert, led an initiative to host the K–4 charter school’s inaugural student government association election.

Twenty-six students competed for eight open spots by drafting campaign materials like speeches and commercials. Voting concluded on Friday, and the victors will be “inaugurated” on Facebook Live on Wednesday.

“It’s gave us a lot of optimism to see how many youngsters were eager to be a part of generating change, constructive change for their community,” Rifkin added. Some schools are pursuing a more conventional route by simply viewing the ceremony, however they are adding some modern touches to account for their geographical isolation.

During the inauguration, Felix Sanchez, a government teacher at the American Dream School in the Bronx, is streaming the event for the entire student body to watch. Students will watch the inauguration and mark a bingo board when certain terms or topics are discussed, with help from the school’s student council and government classes.

“Once the bingo board is complete and the winner is announced, there will be a chance for students to participate in a reflective conversation at the school level,” Sanchez explained.

But, as a reflection of the unpredictability of the times, the institution has also prepared a strategy to provide students with emotional support in the event that violence or any other unforeseen event disrupts the ceremony.

Tracy Garrison-Feinberg, a seventh-grade humanities teacher at Clinton Hill Middle School in Brooklyn, will present a lesson on the history of inaugurations to her students on Tuesday. The lesson will make use of materials and short videos from PBS and the Bill of Rights Institute, and will also include small-group discussions and a writing exercise.

On Wednesday, students will be able to view events that relate to their coursework and post questions and thoughts to a group whiteboard. Garrison-Feinberg claimed the institution was taking this tack in order to highlight not only the events of the day, such as the two impeachments and the revolt, but also the historical context in which they occurred.

The current political moment is more important to me than the historic 2009 inauguration of Barack Obama, she remarked. However, not all instructors feel at ease talking openly about this issue. Coronado High School in Colorado Springs social studies teacher Tom Murphy said he will acknowledge the inauguration but not teach about it.

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He does not plan ahead and will not give out reading assignments. When asked about the odd circumstances of this inauguration, he plans to remain silent, labelling the subject “poison.” He emphasised that students should consult with their loved ones in order to learn more about the topic.