Best 7 “Document Management Software” For 2024

Document Management Software

With the help of document management software, you may combine documents from diverse sources by extracting, modifying, filtering, and summarising the relevant information. Such programmes ensure that the originality and authenticity of data are preserved and that data loss is avoided.

In addition to storing and retrieving data, data management software can also help you structure data to your liking, so you can easily retrieve and present the information you need from your archived files.

Document Management Software

Top 7: Document Management Software

Document Management System Software is used by a wide range of institutions including businesses, governments, schools, colleges, hospitals, and other organisations to keep their documents and files up-to-date and easily accessible.

Here, you’ll learn about the 10 best document management programmes expected to be released in 2024.

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1: Mac PDF Element Pro

When it comes to managing your documents, PDFelement Pro is tops. Its PDF features make it easy to manage PDF files, which in turn simplifies work and improves data management. This desktop application was developed for the express purpose of handling PDF files.

PDF files can be effortlessly modified, converted, and created with the help of this expert document management software. It’s also beginner-friendly because it’s a straightforward document management programme. It has never been seen before because of its speed and functionality.

  • Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to Modify PDFs and scanned Documents.
  • PDF Document Annotation, Stamping, and Markup with Freehand Drawing and Markup Tools.
  • PDF editing include merging, splitting, conversion, and bookmarking.
  • PDF Forms Completion and Generation.
  • PDF files can be encrypted, watermarked, indexed, and securely shared with others.
  • It is possible to convert several PDFs into different formats in one go, including PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc.

2: DMS M-Files

This M-Files DMS is well-known for its ability to identify instances of duplicate data and files. It safeguards the documents and enhances efficiency.

Using filters such client name, project details, date, and file status or criteria, it makes it simple for users to locate specific files amongst a large number of others stored in the same folder.

  • Document revision and data duplication detection.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office and Salesforce CRM.
  • Gives you a free trial for a month.
  • Users are notified immediately if the same file is saved more than once.

3: eFileCabinet

In 2001, eFileCabinet entered the scene. Its ability to encrypt data for secure transmission has made it a favourite among businesses of all sizes. It has a desktop version and a mobile app, and users can easily scan in paper documents or take photos of them.

  • offers protected cloud-based administration.
  • Simple and straightforward design.
  • Keeps old files and still lets you search their contents in full.
  • Compatible with all the most used programmes.
  • There’s even a mobile app for it.

4: Box (for Business)

Box (for Business) (for Business) is a cloud-based content management system that allows for the easy, safe, and secure sharing and administration of files from any location. Having multiple parties involved in or interested in a single transaction or document simplifies business operations.

  • Provides users with 5GB of upload space and no limits on storage space.
  • It takes at least three users to access the Atlas simultaneously.
  • Equipped with Single Sign-On (SSO) technology.
  • Stops information from being lost.

5: Google Drive for Work

The Google Drive we use on our personal computers and mobile devices is quite similar to the Google Drive we use at work, making it easy to save, access, and organise documents of all kinds.

Using Google Drive, coworkers may leave comments and make edits to a file at the same time, with everyone seeing the updated version in real time. This inexpensive document management software will streamline your document-related tasks.

  • If your team size is greater than 5, you have access to unlimited storage.
  • A user can stay in touch by phone, chat, or e-mail.
  • As a result, users are granted unrestricted access to all documents hosted online.

6: Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a one-of-a-kind application for managing documents. It’s built within Microsoft’s CMS suite.

In this way, users can band together and set up a shared workspace where they can all work on the same documents at the same time. Only members of this closed group can view its contents.

  • In this way, sensitive information is protected from unauthorised access.
  • Integration with other Microsoft programmes ensures optimal performance.
  • It facilitates faster and more efficient searches, putting consumers one click away from their desired results.

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7: Dokmee

When it comes to managing and storing data and documents for a business, Dokmee is one of the most reliable cloud-based tools available. You can use it to better organise your files. Given the pricing, it’s clear that this isn’t some free or open-source alternative for managing your documents.

  • The Professional edition is compatible with Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and Outlook.
  • Maintains document integrity and stops lost information.
  • Has a wide variety of options for managing and sorting documents.
  • Offers a free trial period of 30 days.