9 Best Free Proxy Servers For Safe and Anonymous Browsing in 2021

A proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet. It is an intermediate server that separates you and your web browser. Proxy layers provide various functionalities like security, privacy depending on your needs or company policy. The proxy server acts as a wall.

When you request a web page from the browser, it goes through the Proxy server. Then, as a response internet traffic flows through the proxy server, and then you get your response as requested to a web browser via proxy server.

Proxy servers are multi-tasking it not only forwards web requests but acts like a firewall and a web filter. Additionally, it also speeds up common requests by caching your data, it also provides shared network connections.

Apart from these facilities, Proxy servers also protect your internet network from other dangerous stuff. Lastly, proxy servers are well known for providing privacy.

How A Proxy Keeps You Safe?

Every computer is uniquely identified by IP address. An IP address acts like a computer’s street address. The internet knows how to send correct data to the correct computers with the help of IP addresses.

When you send a request to the website, it goes to the proxy server as it is an intermediate between you and the webserver. Then, on your behalf, a web page request is made by the proxy server. Further, when the proxy server makes a request, it changes your IP address so, the browser is not aware of your identity.

Whenever your identity is not revealed on the website by changing your IP address then the web browser is unaware whether you are “allowed” to visit a web page or not. If you are restricted to use the particular website by the national government then you may not be able to access that page if you are a citizen of that country.

But, if the website is unaware of this situation and thinks that you are visiting it from a foreign server, then it will let you through.

This way, you can get access to the information you are looking for without facing any after-effects. Nevertheless, it’s important to know that Proxies can offer protection up to some extent. As they have a small set of IP addresses that can be blocked once they are identified as proxies.

9 Best Free Proxy Servers For Safe and Anonymous Browsing in 2021

A free proxy is all you need to get access to privacy and security. There are numerous options available in the market to choose from. In this guide, we have discussed some of the best proxies available in the market.

1. KProxy

KProxy is one of the most recommended free proxy servers. Which satisfies almost every need of a user. KProxy offers you ten servers to choose from. The choice is given to the user to pick any of the servers manually. Hence, it is possible to switch servers whenever there is a flaw in a server.

So, if your access is lost, you are still protected. Apart from this, KPoxy can avoid detection and blocking by websites and ISPs (Internet Service Provider).

KProxy can be accessed directly through the website, or users can also download a browser extension for Firefox or Chrome.

2. ProxySite

ProxySite offers users an option of manually switching the server. Which is similar to KProxy. But the difference is ProxySite provides twice the servers as KProxy.

ProxySite automatically from servers in the United States and European Union. The specific locations are not detected so, one cannot give a guarantee on effect on your speed.

ProxySite experiments with Compatibility with YouTube. There are buttons present on the screen which can lead to popular sites like Reddit and Twitter via proxy server. Hence, ProxySite is a customized service that maintains your privacy and security.

3. Hide.me

Like all other proxy servers, Hide.me provides the feature of surfing on the website anonymously. But it also adds a layer of encryption and assures you that URLs will expire after every browser session. Not only this it also allows you to disable cookies, scripts, and objects on any site.

Additionally, you can trust Hide.me for maintaining the confidentiality of your data. Since it will not save databases or IP addresses. Hide.me also offers the facility of VPN service and is the best option for users who give security a higher priority than entertainment.

Although, Hide.me provides you with these facilities but lags behind in the competition of the best proxy servers. Since it has limited functionalities, it doesn’t work with YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest.

4. HMA

HMAs are located on opposite sides of the United State and four different countries of Europe. So, geographical coverage is the plus point for this proxy server. HMA provides you with the option to connect to a random server.

This proxy server provides you with three different options to set up your connection. Like you can encrypt URLs, disable cookies and remove scripts but these options are applicable until it is updated to HMA VPN.

5. Hidester

It is a new proxy server in the market which is well known for its reliability. It uses 128-bit encryption and a secure socket layer (SSL) in order to provide protection from hackers. Its server resides in the US and Europe.

Hidester provides facilities to free users like providing with a secure password generator and a DNS leak test. On the other hand, its paid membership comes with more features and functionalities.

6. MegaProxy

Megaproxy is a type of intermediary server which is very difficult for hackers to detect. Megaproxy can be used in your system by installing a toolbar. As toolbar helps in typing a web address and route through a proxy server. This is a convenient setup since users can easily switch between regular and protected browsing.

Megaproxy limits its facility to non-paying users. It provides access to 60 site visits in a five-hour period, and it only encrypts 20 cookies at a time. Hence, compared to these facilities paying users to enjoy more facilities and can get access to more functionalities.

7. NewIPNow

NewIPNow is one of the trustworthy proxy servers. As it conveys reality to its users by accepting that proxy servers might be incompatible with some websites.

This proxy server provides you with an estimated speed of servers you could connect to. In spite of having servers in the United States, NewIPNow manages to assign every user with a new IP address for each session.

NewIPNow can be accessed on-site or via Firefox browser extension. This server provides you with many affordable paid options. Which not only assures 100 percent compatibility but also provides you with great customer support.

8. 4EverProxy

Like a unique name, this proxy server provides you with some fascinating features. Moreover, before establishing a connection with 4everproxy, you can choose two options. You can select both the server and the IP location. There is a vast number of options available for the first selection and for the second time you are exposed to some more options.

Hence, by trying various options you can explore this server and can find the perfect balance between security and connection speed.

But in the case of 4everproxy speed is not a barrier. Each 4everproxy server possesses a one gigabit per second connection. Apart from this, in this proxy server, each connection consists of optional SSL encryption and blockage of cookies and scripts.

9. ProFree

It is often observed that for many proxy server’s geographical locations is the biggest hurdle. But in the case of ProFree, it consists of seven servers in North America and four in Europe. This server also provides appreciable security. Servers can be switched manually. Furthermore, after choosing a server you will be switched to the fastest IP location.

Additionally, ProFree has many more functionalities. It is customizable, SSL encryption is enabled by default and can also be turned off. There is also an option of removing a particular option by unchecking it. So, in order to remove scripts, objects, cookies, and page titles you can remove ticks from check boxes.

Further, you can also disable the “refer” and “user-agent” headers. ProFree has accessibility to YouTube, Facebook, and other video streaming sites.


Proxy servers are one of the basic and free tools to surf the website anonymously. Here in this guide, we tried to cover the best free proxy servers in the market. Now, it’s your turn to choose one of the servers wisely.

So, do tell us your feedback about this in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.