11 Best Sites Like ‘SolarMovie’

In today’s era where most of the movies and TV series get release on OTT platform. Many of the users are attracted to this. There are number of options available to watch your favourite movies and shows which includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, hotstar and many mor.

But the problem with this is that it requires subscriptions. And some of them are very costly. On the flip side, solarmovies provide you with these movies and TV shows free of cost. With good quality and includes many options like drama, action, thriller, horror, romance and many more.

11 Best Sites Like Solarmovie to Watch Free Movies

Hence, it has gain popularity over the years. But it is illegal to use solarmovies and it also includes many advertisements so, in this guide we provide you with best alternatives for solarmovies.

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1. Los-Movies

Los-movies is a platform for watching movies and TV shows for free. It is a blessing for most of the entertainment lovers. Today, most of the sites and platforms require subscriptions and memberships. But, in the case of Los-movies you do not require any registration.

It is a no cost site to enjoy your favourite movies and TV shows. Los-movies also streams movies and shows in language other than English. It offers user a variety of options to choose from which are different genres, countries, actors, directors and many more.

Furthermore, in order to download a movie or your favourite show, websites like Solarmovie and service like Kodi and all other options are available. Solarmovies is also preferred by many users for movies and TV shows. As, it contains all the new releases and it gives access to users to select movies according to genres and year of release.

http://los-movies.com/ this is the official site for Los-movies

2. MegaShare

If you are action or thriller genre lover, then there is no better option for you other than Megashare. It allows you to watch movies in HD quality. It streams appreciable amount of free content. In order to use Megashare you do not require any account to get access to its stuff.

You can enjoy movies and various shows without going through any of the complex steps. Megashare also streams TV shows and movies which have gain lots popularity among years.

https://megashare.kim/ you can enjoy watching your favourite shows and movies on this official site of Megashare.

3. YesMovies

Yesmovies is also one of the good alternatives for Solarmovies. It gives access to latest movies. And one of the most important advantage of Yesmovies is that there is no need of any membership. Even signing in is also not required. You can enjoy different movies with single click.

It also grants user an access to sort movie by genre, country, rating, and year of release. Apart from movies, Yesmovies also provides you with the latest episodes of TV serials.

4. Yify

If you are in search of latest movies with good quality then Yify is an appropriate place for you. Yify also provides you with an alternate site known as best Yify proxy sites. You can open this site if you find difficulty in opening its main site. Yify is best known for its clean and user-friendly interface.

Moreover, it is a great alternative for Solarmovies. Using Yify is a simple task, as you simply need to search for the movie or TV show you want see and you will be provided with the desired outcome. Yify also lists the most watched movies and Television series along with their brief description.

5. Vumoo

Vumoo is one of the best alternatives for the Solarmovies. It has ample amount of options to choose from. As it provides you with thousands of different options for movies and TV shows. It allows users to set the quality of the movie. You can set quality of movies from HD to full HD.

At Vumoo you just need to search for the movies and you can have minimum lag experience. It works very efficiently and is one of the best replacements for Solarmovies.

6. RainierLand

Rainierland is the best platform to watch all your favourites. And is different from other platforms in many ways. As, it contains many different features which are not supported by its competitors. It is a user-friendly site where you can navigate your favourites very easily.

Rainierland offers you with the list of latest movies and also recommends you with movies and TV serials which you might enjoy to watch. It provides you with the top-rated movies list of IMDB too. Therefore, Rainierland is one of the best alternatives for Solarmovies with lots of quality links to stream movies and series.

7. MovieWatcher

Moviewatcher attracts new users by displaying new releases and the latest episodes of tv shows. It is one of the great replacements for Solarmovies. Moviewatcher is one of the favourite sites of users as it contains very a smaller number of advertisements.

You might also have observed that many of the sites contains malware which can lead to crashing of your PC or mobile phone. But this is not the case with Moviewatcher. It also provides you with the different options of movies and TV shows without any subscription or membership.

8. Movie4k

Movie4k is also the good option for Solarmovies. It is a fast and reliable site which streams various movies and TV shows. It implements simple interface where you just need to search for a movie or TV show of your choice.  You can experience a movie with quality ranging from webrip to full HD.

Movie4k have good collection of movies. It has latest movies from different genres like action, drama, thriller, animation, comedy and many more. Apart from these, it contains lot of awesome TV shows and it also streams live tv on its official site.

9. 123Movies

123movies have nice collection of movies and TV serials. In todays era, where most of the movies get release on an OTT platform. And majority of these platforms requires costly memberships 123movies does not charge anything for your favourite movie and TV show. You can get access to your favourites by just one click.

You just need to search for the movie or TV show you are looking for and you will get what you wanted. It contains nice repository of popular hits and list of genres to choose from. One of the unique features for which it is different from other sites is that it provides an user a privilege of choosing from a specific country through and it contains movies mostly in English language.

In the Featured section you will get popular hits and IMDB rating of all the movies. 123movies also has the good collection of famous TV serials.

10. IoMovies

Iomovies is a site which have lot of unique features. And is a nice replacement for Solarmovies. Iomovies is user-friendly in nature. It has list of new releases and top-rated movies. Apart from this if you are interested in watching various TV series then Iomovies is a perfect platform.

Apart from huge content and collection, Iomovies also provides you with the ratings and review of the movies present on it. Iomovies displays superhits of all time, popular hits of a year. Further, you can arrange movies according to its genre and can enjoy the experience of watching movie.

11. M4uFree

M4ufree have the huge list of movies and other related stuff. It sorts the movies by different features like genre, release date, quality any other features. It is a reliable alternative to Solarmovies and consists of premium content. You can search the movie you want to watch and with a single click you can enjoy the no lag experience.

It is easier to navigate site. M4ufree does not require any account to be more precise, it does not require any sign up. Apart from movies, if you enjoy watching different TV series then M4ufree can also provide you with the latest episodes of famous television series.

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To sum up, sites listed above are the best ones among the pool of options. Apart from the sites listed above there are number of other sites which streams movies and TV series. But either they consist of lots of advertisements or have malware in them. Above 11 sites are does not charge you anything for your favourites.

As, they all streams premium movies and TV shows for free. Moreover, they all have great repository of movies, they also consist of superhits and latest episodes of different TV series by giving option to you to choose its quality.

Do tell us your experience of watching movies on the above-mentioned sites in the comment section below. Thank you for reading.