7 Best Free Voice Changer for Discord

If you use Discord, you’ve definitely heard about individuals using a voice changer to communicate with one another, and it may be entertaining.

You can change your voice or pretend to be someone else in the middle of a discussion. There are numerous options and applications to utilise this tool; you may find a variety of these programmes online, both free and commercial ones.

We’ll speak about the greatest free Discord voice changers in this article.

Why Do People Use Voice Changers?

So, why do people use voice changers in the first place? Well, different people use them for different reasons, but the main goal is to have fun. Many people use it to remain anonymous on Discord in order to prank or abuse others.

Children can also use this to claim to be 18 years old and join an NSFW community or an 18+ server without being blocked.

Some people also use voice changers to disguise their gender and make others laugh. Voice changers can be used to conceal your identity, age, or gender.

The 7 Best Discord Voice Changer Apps

Now we’ll discuss the finest Discord voice changers on the market. The list below contains all of the most popular and greatest voice changers; each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

So you must decide which one is best for you and will be most useful for your purposes. Now, each of them is an excellent tool for changing your voice, but each has its own set of strengths and disadvantages.

These are the greatest free voice changers for Discord.

1. Clownfish

This product is excellent for you if you prefer basic user interfaces and tools. It has a basic and straightforward design that may alter your voice in many ways.

It can certainly assist you in modifying your voice. It may lack a wide range of effects and tools, but it isn’t a major flaw; with more effects or functions, it may become the finest voice changer.


  • It is completely free, and no subscriptions or accounts are required.
  • All versions of Windows are supported.
  • This is extremely simple and quick to set up.


  • Except for the custom pitch function, there aren’t many effects.
  • Some accents are changed and some voices are difficult to understand.
  • Girl voice changer is very limited.

2. MorphVOX

It could be the finest voice changer for Discord on PC. It offers a lot of voice effects and features, as well as a lot of sounds. The premium version is the only disadvantage of this software.

Only the premium edition allows you to use all of the effects and functions. However, the free version allows you to access some of the functions. However, the premium version is still far superior.


  • It consumes a lot less CPU power and bandwidth.
  • One of the most impressive sound effects.
  • Shortcuts to help you get the most out of the tool.
  • There are numerous features and effects.


  • To get the full version, you’ll need to pay for a subscription.
  • The user interface is not simple and appears to be clucky.
  • Installation is a little tough.

3. VoiceMode

Another excellent voice changer is this one. There are some nice effects and features to use as well. It might be the finest voice changer if you’re using it to change your recorded voice.

However, it works perfectly for voice chats and real-time voice changes, however it is not as nice as recorded. Nonetheless, it functions normally. It also comes with numerous functions and effects.


  • When recorded, the voices sound fantastic.
  • Professional designs are stunning.
  • The installation procedure is also simple.


  • There is also a premium version that disables numerous features.
  • There are numerous spelling and writing errors.
  • The premium version is hidden until you open the software.

4. Voice Changer by Voxal

It’s also a great voice changer, but it’s not without flaws and annoyances. While the software is simple to install and use, the premium edition disables certain really useful features and effects. Because of the subscription version, many amazing voices are concealed and many tools are also prohibited.


  • It uses relatively little CPU power.
  • The user interface is straightforward and straightforward.
  • Both live and recorded voices can be used.


  • There are some issues with steam games because it works with some but not with others.
  • Installing and running the ad-free version is a little more complex.
  • Some of the voices sound the same as others.

5. Voice Changer for Discord

Except for some typefaces that aren’t very well designed, it has a very attractive user interface and is simple to use. The only issue is that it takes a long time to download.

Because it lacks an official website, you must download it through a third-party website. Downloading the programme for non-Android platforms may also be difficult. It’s also very easy to use, quick, and dependable software.


  • The discord servers are quite simple to join to.
  • Quick and easy.
  • CPU power usage is low.
  • Many characteristics.


  • It’s difficult to come by.
  • Stable versions are either unavailable or exceedingly difficult to get by.
  • Its creator is likewise no longer employed.
  • There is no official website.

6. Audio for Entertainment

The software is user-friendly and has several complex capabilities. However, the issue with this one is that it is more geared toward skype than discord, and as a result, it ranks low on our list.

It’s also tough to identify and install the free version of this software. Their website has a number of free features. The UI, on the other hand, sticks out. This interface will appeal to the majority of computer enthusiasts.


  • Voice morphing is an advanced feature.
  • There is a choice between paid and free trials.
  • For better results, settings can be modified according to your preferences.


  • The costs of paid versions are excessive and unfair.
  • Many Discord functions are not available.
  • Before using, you must have a good understanding.

7. Effects-based 

This programme also has a lot of voice-changing effects and functions. The primary issue is that it is designed for cellphones and appears clumsy on computers. You’ll also need to figure out how to link it to Discord, which can be tough.


  • There are numerous sound effects.
  • Save your recording to your hard drive.
  • Simple to use.


  • Lag is a common occurrence.
  • It can be tough to break a link.
  • Access to the storage is required.


To summarise, every of the software is the finest in its category. You can choose the best software for your needs and implement it. I hope you have a fantastic time with your buddies and discover a good voice changer.