‘’ Admin login, Username, Password and IP Admin login, Username, Password and IP

An IP address is provided to each device connected to a network. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) provides an uniques address called IP address. It keeps on changing according to the connected network. This enables the equipment connected to the same network to communicate with each other.

IP is a 32-bit address that acts as an interface to the internet. is used as an access point IP address or as a gateway by the routers. Admin login, Username, Password and IP

One can use it to access the Admin dashboard for configuration of settings. IP address belongs to private, Class C IP address. It is used by various routers and modems. This IP belongs to Inner IP address i.e., and it is assigned to a particular device in a LAN community. To use IP address, one must know how to login to use its maximum features.

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It is very easy to log in to IP address. Just follow the steps below-

Step 1: Open the Web browser on your device- it can be a computer, laptop, etc. It is advisable to have the latest version of your browser.

Step 2: Type the IP address in the address bar of the web browser. Tap Enter, the browser will establish a connection with the router. IP Admin Login

Step 3: You will be asked to enter the default username, and the password on the page just opened. You can find the username and password on the sticker of your router. Also, you can Google search it using the model number. (You can also change the default username and password from the options mentioned there)

Step 4: Here it is. You have opened the admin page. Now configure your device. You can change the type of internet connection, or add new devices, monitor them.

Restrictions While Using IP Address

Even if you have logged in, you will be facing some restrictions while using IP address. when we use, we may face the following restrictions:-

1. Make sure to enter an IP address in the proper format.

2. Make use of wired connection if there is a problem in WiFi working. These problems arise in some old routers which do not allow WiFi to access their admin panel.

3. One must connect the router and device to the same network. Otherwise, it will create a problem. If you are using WiFi, ensure it is connected to the home WiFi connection.

4. Sometimes, you can not be able to change the router’s setting. This problem arises when we don’t use the address bar located at the top of the browser.

How to Reset the Router

Usernames and passwords are very crucial for a network or device security. To log in, we require them, but what if one forgot?  Need not to worry you can easily recover your credentials using the following steps-

In case you forget your username or password or both, it can be solved by factory default. The factory reset will reset your router configuration to the original one. You can also search it on google using the manufacturer’s site or model number. You can also change your credentials afterward by –

Step 1 – In the browser, enter IP address

Step 2 – Log in with default username and password.

Step 3 – From the options there change the credentials to your liking.

Step 4 –  Apply the changes and save for further use.

So far we have done actions regarding IP address you may think, can we change it?

Of course, we can. Since nowadays it is easy to crack your credentials, it is good to change the router’s IP address to make the router more secure. Generally, the manufacturers give a default IP address to access the router’s login page. If one limits accessibility, the users will require a username and password of the customized IP.

How to Change the IP Address

The steps that will help to change the IP Address. Follow them and continue further:

Step 1 – Open your browser and enter the manufacturers default IP address. Enter login credentials and login to your account.

Step 2 – Choose the “General Settings” tab. Under it, select the “Basic Setup” tab.

Step 3 – Change one or both of the last two numbers of IP addresses of the address field. This will be your new address.

Step 4 – Click “Apply” after some time, reboot the router.

You can check the router’s settings page to see that the IP address has changed or not.

After working with IP Address, it is impossible not to face any issues.  The issues with IP Address are:

When this IP address belongs to the DHCP address range of a router, avoid manual assigning. IP address conflict may arise as the router can assign this address to a different device irrespective of one currently using it. If the router is configured to an IP address to a specific device, then DHCP won’t assign it to any other.

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Conclusion IP address is a traceable piece of router network. One can use the “ipconfig” command to check the IP. You may face some problems while accessing the IP address, but it can be easily resolved. It is a gateway to the network hence should have tight security from intruders.