10 Ways To Fix ‘Windows Key Not Working’ on Windows 10

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How to Guides

In fact, the Windows key is a necessary feature of your keyboard, as it performs a variety of simple functions and launches your Start menu. Because of its widespread use and acceptance, the inability to work can induce anxiety and dissatisfaction in the minds of its users.

Everyone who has ever used a computer with a Windows operating system has had an issue with the Windows key. It’s an essential part of any Windows computer because it can be utilised for so many different little tasks.

Windows key functions are utilised at all levels of programming, from the most basic to the most complex. Win + R and other shortcuts make it more convenient than other keys.

How to Guides
How to Guides

Several users have complained about the inactivity of this key and voiced concerns about its performance because of its widespread use. A problem with their Windows Key causes them to search for the best method to get it operating again as quickly as possible.

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Windows Key Not Working on Windows 10

On Windows 10, there are ten ways to fix a problem with the Windows key. We’ll go over a few alternatives you can try to get your Windows key working again today after doing some in-depth research on the subject.

Let’s take a closer look at this by looking at a variety of possible outcomes. Before attempting any of the several alternatives, you should make a copy of your personal files to a secure location so they may be restored if necessary.

1. Altering The Registry 

The registry can sometimes be the source of this issue. So updating the registry on your personal computer can remedy this problem. Changing the registry might cause harm to the hard disc, and the entire machine may be rendered unusable.

So before making any changes to the registry, you must ensure that you have a thorough backup of all the relevant files. In order to alter the preceding, you must complete the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Open the Task Manager window and select File -> Run a new task from the menu.

Step 2: Type regedt32 and hit enter in the Task Manager to proceed to the next step. Lastly, navigate to the left pane and choose the key for the local machine’s system’s Control-keyboard layout.

To find the Snapcode Map registry entry, widen that key. Once you’ve located it, delete it from the registry and exit the registry editor.

You can now see if this problem has been resolved by restarting your computer and checking. When trying to locate the Map entry, it’s conceivable that it’s missing from your computer. As a result, finding a workable solution will require you to consider other options.

2. Scan For Malware and Viruses

A virus or malware infection can corrupt or damage your computer’s files, rendering your system useless. This may be the reason why the Windows key doesn’t function. It disables the Windows key. Always run a virus scan from any antivirus programme once a week to be on the safe side.

For this, a wide range of software is readily available on the market. A built-in Windows Defender application can also assist you get rid of unwanted stuff. To begin scanning, you must follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: Take a look at your computer’s start menu, then choose “Settings.” Select the Update option and then launch Windows Defender for the next steps to complete this process. The shield icon can be found on the screen in step.

Step 2: Once you’ve reached this point, you’ll need to select the “Advanced Scan” option in order to complete the scan. In order to see if the problem has been solved, you must restart your computer after you have removed the viruses from your computer.

3. Disabling the Gaming Mode 

For the most part, gaming keyboards are used for gaming or when the user’s actual keyboard is damaged or has a malfunction. As a result, your keyboard will support gaming mode, which makes some of the keys nonfunctional while we are playing games in order to enhance our gaming experience.

Hardcore gamers will find themselves in a lot of trouble if they mistakenly press the Windows key while playing their favourite game.

Because of this, the majority of gamers choose a gaming keyboard to support the mode, which should be discontinued. When the Windows key does not work, you must check whether or not the game mode is enabled. If it has been turned on, turn it off.

There are other devices, such as the Apex M800, which hide their game mode from the user. You must press SteelSeries and the Windows key at the same time to turn it off.

In order to make the game mode of a keyboard ineffective, it is recommended that the user read the keyboard’s instruction manual carefully. Some Corsair keyboards come with their own software that takes care of the keys and other functions on your computer.

In order to change the Windows key’s functionality, you’ll need to download and utilise their software. System Tuner for MSI laptops can be used to get the Windows key working again.

4. The Lock Button Is a Good Place to Start

However, some keyboards have a Win Lock button that can be used to do the same function as the Gaming Mode option. Disabling the Windows key on your PC is also accomplished by this method. Regardless of whether or not you have a Win Lock button, you must keep an eye on things.

The control button is frequently accompanied by this key. Once you’ve located it on the keyboard, pressing it will restore functionality to your Windows key. Your issue will be solved. Even if none of these suggestions worked for you, there are still many more possibilities to consider.

5. Creating a New Account 

Making a new account on your computer will allow you to fix the issue with your Windows key not working. To create a new account, simply follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1: The first step is to activate the Accounts section in the Settings section.

Step 2: You must select the option to include family and friends. Add someone else to this PC is the next option you need to select. Finally, you must click “Add a user without Microsoft account” in order to complete the process.

Step 3: Choose a name for the new user and answer the remaining questions to complete the account verification process.

You must log out of your current account as soon as you create a new one. They should immediately log in to this new account. Due to software incompetence, the window key problem should have been resolved thus far, but this can be halted..

Replacing faulty or missing files on the PC is necessary, as is installing all the files and so on into the newly established account.

6. System File Checker

Step 1: Begin by finding and launching Task Manager. From there, select File, then New, and finally Execute new task.

Step 2: Create a new task window by pressing cmd and selecting all the boxes with administrative access in the Create new task window.

Step 3: Type scannow into your Command Prompt Window and press Enter to continue. The scanning process can take some time, so be patient.

You must restart your computer immediately after completing your scan in order to see if the Windows key is operating properly. If the problem persists, open a command prompt and type DISM/Online/Cleanup-image/RestoreHealth.

DISM scanning may be an option if the initial scan was unsuccessful. This is a great way to fix the problem. To begin, follow the preceding instructions to open a command prompt. “DISM/online” and hit OK to check what it does to your computer’s system health..

7. Bad Keyboard Drivers 

It is necessary to reinstall the defective keyboard drivers in order to fix this problem. To reinstall drivers, perform the steps outlined in the following section.

Step 1: To begin, pick run from the Start menu or press Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time to bring up the Run dialogue box.

Step 2: The Task Manager will open, and you’ll be prompted to type in the name of the task. Create a new task and carry it out.Afterwards, type devmgmt.msc into the command prompt and click enter.

Step 3: After studying the keyboard section, select Uninstall device. Remove the problematic drivers from your system. If you’re using a USB keyboard, uninstalling the drivers will be a breeze. To update your drivers, all you have to do is turn off your computer, remove the power source, and then turn it back on.

Check to see whether the problem has been fixed by restarting your computer.

8. Use Powershell Commands 

When it comes to troubleshooting your computer, the Powershell command comes in helpful. It’s a set of utilities built into Windows itself that help you purge your computer of unused files and directories.

You may play with with a lot of different things with this tool, but you also have to be careful. Any alterations to this could get you in hot water later. To continue, you’ll need to complete the steps listed below.

Step 1: To open the task manager, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc at the same time. Run New Task when you open the file in step two.

Step 2: Select the “Create this task with administrative privileges” checkboxes in Powershell and click enter. Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode is the final step in this process, and you’ll need to type it in.

By this point, the Windows key should be operational. If it doesn’t work, we have a couple more solutions at our disposal to address this issue.

PowerShell must be backed up, as this can go wrong as well. That’s why a backup is always a good idea, just in case. After trying all these methods, if your computer is still unable to break out of this problem, then the most likely culprit is a corrupted app. So you need re-register all of the programmes on your computer.

PowerShell may be found in the search option of the Start menu, which should be opened first. Run it as an administrator when you open it. Wait for the re-registration of your apps. After completing this step, restart your PC to see if the issue has been resolved.

9. Restart Windows or File Explorer

The file explorer is the most significant part of your Windows operating system, and it serves a variety of purposes. It has the potential to eradicate the issue we’re seeking to address. To move on in this solution, simply follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: To open Task Manager, press and hold Ctrl, Alt, and Del at the same time. Find Explorer in your Windows taskbar and click End task to put your computer to sleep. Run a new task by selecting the file.

Step 2: To continue, type explorer.exe and click OK.

10. Switching Off the Filter Keys 

This Windows key not working error can lead to a variety of system malfunctions. Inadvertent activation of the filter keys is one possibility. Your system’s performance will be adversely affected, and a great deal of chaos will ensue. To switch off the keys, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Settings menu in the Start menu.

Step 2: Find Ease of Success in the options and click OK after choosing it. Next, look for any unique keys on your keyboard and remove them to improve PC performance.

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These were the several remedies that could be applied to resolve the issue of the Windows key not working on the computer. The most common cause of these problems is malfunctioning hardware. If you’ve exhausted all other options, it’s time to invest in a new keyboard.

We really hope that one of these suggestions was successful in resolving your issue.