How To Fix ‘PS4 Won’t Turn On’ Error Guide


It’s possible that you have a PS4 that won’t turn on or that you can’t switch it on because of a technical problem. No matter how hard they tried, many people were unable to get their PS4 to turn on. As soon as they press the power button, their computer shuts down immediately or refuses to turn on at all.

You can hear a beep and watch the light on the console flash from time to time. Most people, however, report hearing or seeing none of the foregoing and their PS4 just refuses to switch on at all.

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to play your favourite games on your PS4 because it won’t turn on. Because the disc was left in the console, it is unlikely you will be able to remove it from the system, and you may not even know what is wrong with it either.


Why Won’t My PS4 Power On?

If you’re having the same difficulty and aren’t sure what to do, don’t panic. It’s a common problem. These are some of the best ways to turn on the PS4 because they have been tested and proven. You might believe that these methods are just a joke, but they have been proven to work and will assist you in changing your PS4. Here are the steps:

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1. The Power Cable Must Be Reconnected

If your PS4 won’t start or react, reconnecting the power cable is the first thing you should do. This will shut down the machine and clear any corruption in the wire.

The first step is to unplug the PS4’s power cord. Before connecting in, hold this for at least 30 seconds. Now, connect the console’s power cord to the wall outlet.Now is the time to press the power button and see if it works or not.

Most of the time, it’s only a matter of following these basic instructions. If it doesn’t solve the problem, you should go to the following step.

2. Make Sure Your PS4 Is Dust-Free

You may experience problems with your PS4 if dust particles get into the system and wreak havoc. Game consoles are vulnerable to malfunction due to them. Dusting your computer can be a great approach to remedy your problem. Some cleaning options for your PS4 include the following:

By removing the top cover, you may clean the inside of your PS4. Vents and the disc drive should be blown on. Use a rag or paper to wipe it down. Once the console has been cleaned, try turning it on again. Now, check to see if this procedure was successful in getting your console to boot up.

3. Gently Strike Your PS4

After removing the power cord, another efficient way is to hit your console. However, you must exercise extreme caution when striking it in order to avoid breaking it. Once the PS4 is turned on, all you have to do is strike it hard enough to give it a little shock. To see if it is working, try turning it on and off.

4. Insert a Disk Into Your PlayStation 4

If you’ve ever used a PlayStation 4, you’ll know that it may start immediately when a disc is inserted. Follow these instructions to turn on your PS4 this way:

Step 1: Connect your PS4 to the power supply in step one. The PS4’s disc drive can accept any disc. Keep in mind that you don’t have to insert the complete disc.

Step 2: All you have to do is insert it into your console and wait for it to power on on its own.

Take a look at your disc. If this approach works, your PS4 should now operate as normal.

5. Repair The Database on Your PlayStation 4

In order to reload the database on your PS4, your ps4 has a particular feature. In order to get your PlayStation 4’s database and hard drive organised, use this tool. Follow these simple procedures to re-create your PS4’s database:

To begin, connect your PS4 controller to your PS4 via USB cable. Next, press and hold the console’s power button until you hear a second beep. Then release the button. Once you’ve entered Safe Mode, you’ll be presented with a wide range of alternatives.

With the help of your controller, select the “Rebuild Database” option on the fifth line. Allow enough time for the treatment to be completed. Wait. Now see if the problem has been resolved.

6. Take Your PlayStation 4 To a Repair Shop

There is a good chance that the underlying problem is in the console’s internal components, and you may need the help of an expert if you’ve tried all of the above ways and still can’t get your console to turn on. If your PS4 is still covered by a warranty, you can take it to a Ps4 dealer.

It’s also possible to reach out to Sony customer service for assistance. Alternately, you can always pay for the problem to be solved by someone else; however, these service providers are less trustworthy; use caution when using them.

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The instructions in this article should have helped you resolve the issue of your PS4 not turning on.