Windows 11 Gaming Performance

Windows 11 Gaming Performance

It’s likely that Windows 11’s gaming performance may disappoint those who are used to Windows 10’s superiority. According to Microsoft’s analysis of user input and testing, Windows 11’s speed hit is the result of two enabled security measures (Memory Integrity and Virtual Machine Platform).

On the Windows 11 2022 Update or original version, “Memory Integrity” is a feature that stops hackers from using malicious code and guarantees that drivers on the computer are trustworthy. The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and Hyper-V are two examples of virtualization tools made available via the “Virtual Machine Platform.”

Microsoft suggests turning off these two components to boost game performance at the expense of security. The business recommends reactivating the functions after game play is complete.

Windows 11 Gaming Performance

To improve Windows 11 gaming speed, you can disable two security features by following the steps in this guide.

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Optimize Windows 11 for Gaming Performance

While virtualization may be turned off in Windows 11’s Settings app, Memory Integrity can be turned off in the Windows Security app.

Method 1. Turn Off Memory Safety

Follow these steps to improve gaming performance on Windows 11 by turning off Memory Integrity:

Step 1. The door is now open.

Step 2. Run a search for “Windows Security” and launch the programme that comes up first.

Step 3. Pick Device Security from the menu.

Step 4. When you get to the “Core isolation” area, select the “Core isolation details” option.

Step 4. To improve gaming performance, turn off the “Memory integrity” slider.

Step 6. Turn the computer off and back on.

Following these procedures, the security feature will be removed, making Windows 11 more suitable for gaming.

Method 2. To Turn Off Virtualization

Here’s how to turn off virtualization in Windows 11 so you can play games more smoothly:

Step 1. Get into the preferences menu.

Step 2. Select the Applications menu option.

Step 3. Select the Extras menu.

Step 4. The “More Windows features” option can be found under the “Related settings” subsection.

Step 5. When you want to disable the feature and fine-tune your gaming experience, select “Virtual Machine Platform” and clear it.

Step 6. Choose the OK option.

Step 7. Select the Now restart option.

When you’re done, your PC will have better performance for playing games on Windows 11 by turning off the virtualization software and hardware.

When you’re done playing, follow the steps to re-enable the features, but skip Step 6 until after you’ve toggled the switch to “on” to re-enable Memory Integrity. After that, go back to step 4 (the second set of instructions) and select the option to enable virtualization again.

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Microsoft admits that these additions can affect gaming performance, but says that the degree to which each device benefits will vary. Keep in mind that performance might be affected by a wide variety of other variables. One possible cause is a weak graphics card.

It’s possible that the hard drive is either full or too slow to handle the workload. A game’s drivers may be giving you trouble. You are not utilising a fast refresh rate monitor. There may be a temperature issue with the gadget. It’s possible that you’re making do with an antiquated CPU, insufficient RAM, or the like.